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    ok... first thing's first, this will be like an amateur's "road tune": there will be a lot of seat time XD. second, i'm no professional, nor do i have real life experience--except manual cars dying on me, almost-accidents, and super brakes that fling people into the windshield (that's why seatbelts are a must when i drive). in this tuning guide, i will do away with advance settings, and focus on the default/bought parts (because i'm no expert). finally, let's focus on the time we make on the 2nd lap. you don't have the starting line launch time to worry about, and your tyres (typically for endurance racing) will most likely still be in pristine condition, plus green--hopefully
    • buy weight reduction, engine balancing, port and polish--perhaps racing modification, if you want (these will probably affect every mod you do if you choose to do without it. personally, i would start back from scratch once i buy these mods)
    • choose your tyres :3 (i use rear sim tyres with front normal tyres... front normal tyres are slippery-er than other sticky tires, so i can slide sideways XD)
    • boost your hp and torque with (i tiptoe from the smallest hp possible gradually to the highest hp i can manage without spinning out. and then i stick with the hp that gives me the fastest 2nd lap)
    • choose the better suspension that gives you the fastest 2nd lap. suspension affects how much understeer/oversteer your car will have
    • decide on whether to have racing brakes or not (most of my cars are faster without racing brakes)
    • choose a differential: please take note of how your car handles (i'd go for whatever gives me the fastest 2nd lap). active yaw control also goes here XD this is the only exception from the rule because this thing has no effect if you don't go for the advanced settings. in my case, it's always 1 or 101--all or nothing
    • set your gear ratios. the normal has longer gears so you'll have good top speed sacrificing good acceleration. sport gives you some top speed and some acceleration. semi-racing is the opposite of the normal one. choose the one you like :3
    • clutch follows. for the lack of knowledge, i placed it here, simply because it belongs to the same group 'transmission' (or was it 'drivetrain'?). this generally improves the speed of changing gears. take note (as i have) that some cars have better default clutch than single heavy duty or double
    • driveshaft. i don't know what this does, but if it is what is said about it on its description, this probably affects how fast that red needle goes up and down the rpm
    • flywheel. just like the driveshaft, this affects the speed of revs, and consequently, acceleration (i should have said all these drivetrain mods)
    • repeat all the steps the same order to get faster 2nd lap times
    i never mentioned brake controller, ascs, tcs (i forgot what those two meant) because i've been tuning using the autopilot code. frankly, even if you placed those things there and made use of advanced settings, the autopilot would not even have different lap times; it's a very consistent driver, and that's why i let it drive while i tune for it :p i hope this little guide helps