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    GT Drifta

    Hey All Looking For Some Seriouse Help With GT5 Prologue Drifting. Just Purchaced Logitech Wheel So Yea Im Using A Wheel. Help With Wheel Setup Just For Drift Standard Profesional Or Simulation And Driving Options Standard Or Pro. Car Im Trying To Drift Is Mazda Rx7 Spirit R .Tune Ive Got Tires N3 Front N1 Rear Ride Hight Front And Rear At -30 Suspension 5 - 4 Bump 6 - 4 Camber Front 1 Rear 2 toe on rear +2 ABS Off All Assists Off Manual Transmision 50% Steering . Track Drifting On Is Suzuka The D1 Section And Turning Round .Right I Pretty Much No Basic Techniqes To Drift But Rear Car Feels Really Grippy When I Do Manage Break Back Tires Countersteer I Spin Out I no It Will Take Time And Practice Could Do With Some Help And Advice My PS3 Id BiggRayy Any Help Will Be Appreciated Thanks.:ouch:
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    if thats how you set your car up then stick to it, there is no right or wrong way to set up your drift car apart from using the right tyre compounds.alot of people will try tell you how to set your car up but just stick to what you feel comfortable with. just keep trying until you get it, there are no shortcuts in learning drifting. check out peoples videos on youtube if you need too.
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    4wd cars are the best cars to learn on if you ask my opinion. They tend to not spin out as much. If you would like a novice drift setup for a 4wd car send me a pm. And I'll give you a general tune that will work for most 4wd cars. Else just stick it out, and practice practice practice.
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    Bad way to do it imo because both are different. AWD drifting doesn't really lend much to RWD. Drifting is all about throttle control and countersteering, AWD drifting requires different techniques than RWD does. If you were become an ace at AWD you'd more than likely fail hard at RWD since you'd be used being on the throttle almost 100% and using little to no counter steer.
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    Loon is right. I suggest learning on a RWD car first. Perhaps a good ol' 350z.

    I learned on an AWD Subaru and got pretty good at it. But when I tried an M3, I had to pretty much learn drifting all over again. The techniques are very different. AWD requires a rougher and stronger approach, while RWD requires much more finesse.

    Learning on a RWD car will give you the skills to drift AWD and FWD too.

    GT Drifta: Practice enough so that you can anticipate the loss of traction and countersteer to control it. The real secret to drifting is practice, as others have already said. So just stick with it! Oh, and have fun :)
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    If your going hardcore. Yeah start on a rwd car. But just a casual drifter lookin to have some fun awd is easier.