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Discussion in 'Driveclub' started by Pepto_Bismol, Jun 2, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    Started playing this game a few weeks ago. I never have really been into racing games, but once I figured out how I should be properly racing I loved it! I now have 224/225 stars in the main tour, but can't get the last star on this race and its killing my ocd. Can anyone help me get it so I can move onto my next backlog quarantine game?

  2. LeGeNd-1

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    Best advice I can give is watch the world record replays on youtube and try to copy their racing lines. You can abuse the track limits more than usual in this game, and every little meter of track width helps you to get those last few tenths. Also get used to drifting a little bit round the tighter corners and tapping the handbrake quickly.
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