DriveClub's Servers Shut Down in 9 Days...

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  1. SZRT Ice

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    Anyone planning to play? I'm trying to get as many players playing as I possibly can in the lead up to the server shut down. Hoping to experience full lobbies across the board in DriveClub, DriveClub Bikes, and most of all, DriveClub VR. Hope to see you guys there.

    "How fast do you wanna go?"
  2. GBalao888


    Had so much memories with Driveclub, even remember beating the final championship using the Koenigsegg One:1. Definitely felt like Playstation's equivalent of PGR and really had some good DLC support. Because Driveclub is still a Playstation franchise even after Evolution's closure I still don't understand why Polyphony wouldn't pick up on the licenses to the cars featured here, and bring them to GT Sport despite them being licensed to SIE.

    Definitely going to miss everything about this game. Hopefully we can still play this on PS5 as a backwards compatible title despite the server shutdown.
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  3. Miths


    It will still continue to be playable singleplayer I hope? Still one of the very best driving games this generation, and I like to jump in now and then for a few offline races or hotlapping.
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  4. LeGeNd-1

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    Less than 3 days until DriveClub becomes DriveAlone :(

    I'm still playing. Trying to get all cars to level 15 before the shutdown (still have around 10 or so left). Also completed all accolades except the bike distance ones because they are getting ridiculously long beyond level 6/7. My club is currently top 1600 ish. It's interesting that after rank 2000 or so, raising your club rank becomes faster than your individual rank.

    Yeah single player will still be playable. The only thing is the 5 club cars (Golf, M3, Bentley, BAC, Zonda) will be locked after about ~48 hours for "club inactivity" and it's gone forever :( I wish somebody at Sony will push out a patch that unlocks these cars offline, but I highly doubt it at this point.

    There might be some career events that specifically uses these cars and you can still drive it there as a "loan" car, but I haven't checked this.
  5. Lubeify100


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    Both Driveclub and Driveclub VR are both great games! Sadly hadn't really got to enjoy the online portion due to financial reasons when I first had it

    PS: anyone got a club I can join in Driveclub VR? Still didn't get to join one so I'll miss out on the club cars

    Edit: I'm in one already... oops
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