Driver Evolution - Different Racing Lines

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    There is no single choice when it comes to one's preferred racing line. Many factors contribute to what may net you the fastest time, but one thing is for sure, knowledge about your options will guide your decision on how to race.

    Here is a short vid that examines the different approaches taken by Hamilton and Vettel during the British GP. I wonder if GTS could provide some level of depth that includes post-race analysis to give guidance on driver progression?

    Disclaimer - it's a short vid examining only 1 corner, but helpful if you are chasing that elusive 0.1sec.

  2. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    I think GTS giving guidance is a bit too complicated for the system to work effectively. Worst case scenario it could give lines that are slower for the driver

    But, you can learn the better racing lines from watching the Top 10 replays, so I guess you can call that a pre-race briefing?