Driver settings requirements?

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    Hi all, new player here...just a question about driver views in-game and are there any leagues that expect you to use cockpit view, driver assist (disable) and other settings that make the driving experience more "realistic"...or is this generally expected by all members?

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    Most people will run ABS on default, with everything else except maybe TC off. As for view, just use whatever you're comfortable with.
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    I don't know of a league that requires you to use cockpit view. That's a little extreme and it would be hard to monitor anyway. Most drivers use front bumper view where you basically see the gauges and the road. Most people use abs and driving line aids if they don't know the course yet. The rest of the drivering aids are generally frowned upon in a league. And by frowned upon I mean prohibited.
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    I have been running leagues since way back on GT5. I have never required anyone to race a certain way other than to race as clean as you can, pass clean without causing an incident, and most of all have fun. I always allow all aids except Auto Drive. My leagues are open to all skill levels and we want you to use what ever aids you like, or need, in order to run the best that you can. You don't even need to race all the league races in order to participate in one. Just attend when you can.

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