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    New forum member here. I've been trying to find more info on a driver swapping / driver+co-driver feature for pcars. Sounds like a very exciting feature, but its been really hard to find any concrete details on it. Do you guys in the know have any light to shed on this?

    Below is the type of brief mention I've so far heard of it.

    'The ultimate driver journey begins here! C.A.R.S. represents the definitive racing simulation, with a Franchise Mode that allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and many more! Players can get in at every role in professional racing -- play Co-Op with a friend as Driver/Co-Driver, and create and manage a full team to compete against friends and challengers. User-generated content lets you take advantage of the advanced graphics and physics model to design your car exactly as you want.'
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    I'm wondering how capable the AI team mate is. I've seen this option when you enter the pits. Can I pick more capable drivers as a team manager? Does he learn and gains skills through the season?
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    Interesting if we can run with AI team mate but im thinking can we run stints with a friend online? Iracing is introducing this in october I believe.
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    point 1 i can currently swap from driving to ai driver but there is no animation for this however i will run a test and compare times
    point 2 i hope this kind of answers your question.
    as for swapping player this is most likely a later feature. once the multiplayer system is stable then it probably will be released. im just speculating but it could tie in to lemans 2015 .
    the issue lies in in connectians and how its handled
    at the moment the largest lobby played is about 20ppl however the frame rate dies it could solved by two waves of race cars however the connection is atill the problem.
    If each car had 2 drivers thats 128ppl that all have varying connections.

    it does get worse if every car had 3 drivers then there are 192 drivers, now presuming we were to do a blancpain series the driver swapping would highest at every 45mins-1 hr intervals this means that at one time there could 30 + plus driver swaps now imagine the load on the server, its still got to provide a lag free race while updating and loading in drivers as well as updating the cars state.
    as we can see although its nice it's also a extremely difficult thing to do; imo the only game that does it well is planet side 2.
    so i doubt it will released soon for multiplayer however career mode could be done more easily.
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    Yes it could be a later feature as we haven't heard anything else in the media about it. You mentioned lemans, that would in fact be a perfect time to have the swap / co-driver option.
    Andy Tudor did mention lemans in an interview recently and said it could be done in real time for 24hours. He said it would be good to invite friends around with pizza etc and hand the controller over. That *may* have been an early indicator that the online driver swap is not available, at least one could look at his comment like that.
    Anyway, I've also passed on the same question to a TORA member (who was asking for interview questions) who is due to interview Andy Tudor on the 19th of September, will see if he gets a response.
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    Saw this video in InsideSimRacing about driver swaps on iRacing, I know it's nothing to do with Project Cars but I thought some of you may find it interesting

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