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    im drifting and im practicing very well. I used to drift on controller 20-25K on TSukaba. i know controller is way different but i know the lines and when to shift etc. the problem with my DFGT is that i cant countersteer fast enough to recover. Anyone here with a DFGT can give me some settings?
    i would love to know these settings that work for u the best
    Power steering
    Controller Sensitivity
    FFB max Torque
    FFB Sensitivity

    also one question. while drifting i never can find my Shifting buttons
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    I've had a DFGT for about eight months, I've found that the settings don't really seem to effect how successful I am in counter steering. The settings only give you a feel and your best experimenting with the settings to find something your comfortable. Learning how to counter steer on a wheel is vastly different to being able to do it on a controller, your forgiven for a lot on a controller when it comes to a wheel its your sensitivity that needs to improve and that will come with time, but remember there will always be something that catches you out. Don't get frustrated is the best bit of advice I can give - keep practicing and you'll begin to think whatever was the problem :)

    As for the shifting buttons being in awkward places this is a design problem with the DFGT they move with the wheel and they aren't the biggest so again practice will make you more familiar.
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    FFB 10
    Power steering On
    Torque 10
    Sensitivity 10

    Controller sensitivity doesn't affect wheel sensitivity.

    Just stay in 3rd gear the whole track :D
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    The problem is The countersteering

    Thx for that information!
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    I run power steering off , FFB 10, torque 4 and sensitivity 4 for drifting.

    If you can't counter fast enough, counter earlier. Also, you may already be countering fast enough, just keeping too much throttle on, causing the spin? Try lifting off the throttle just after you initiate, as you countersteer, then get back on the throttle to settle into your angle.
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    it already goes better. i bought a peugeot 205 turbo. i already made 10K points on TSukaba :)
    Just right now with a fully maxed supra 11.5K points on Tsukaba
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