DRL Le Mans Classic Event | Friday June 14th 8pm BST | Sign Ups Open |

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DRL Le Mans Classic

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Welcome all to the first of many DRL Special Events.

This inaugural event will take place at the historical Circuit de la Sarthe in Group C Classics.

Race will be held on Friday 14th of June at 8pm BST.


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DRL Twitter:


1. All drivers must fill in the sign up form below before they are vetted on whether or not they are eligible for participation. All entries for this race will be single entries.
Drivers are allowed to sign up 1 friend max.

2. All drivers must let a member of staff know whether they can attend at least 2 days before a race to allow us to contact reserves if needed.

3. Registration Format:

Primary Sponsor:

4. Drivers may sign up using either GTP or Discord if they can't login or don't have a GTP Account.

5. Filling in the sign up form will not guarantee entry.

Race Information:
19:45 - Lobby is created. Drivers will be alerted on PSN, Discord and GTPlanet.

20:00 - Qualifying begins. Reserves are contacted if there is space.

20:05 - Qualifying finishes. All drivers to stay on track. As checks are made on PSN, GTPlanet and Discord for anyone running late.

20:10 - Race starts and lasts for approximatetly 1hr.

21:10 - Race finishes. Incidents can be reported by PM to any of the staff or stewards. Replay footage must be saved by all staff, as well as drivers who wish to report incidents.

1. The room mode for DRL Le Mans events will be set to "Practice/Endurance Race".

2. Lobbies will be clearly coded for understanding. Thus event lobby will be named the "DRL Le Mans Classic".

3. The starting procedure for each event will be a rolling start.

4. Grid order will be set to "Fastest First", unless that lobby has to abandon an attempted start. The lobby order will then be determined via "Set by Host".

5. Boost will be set to off.

6. Slipstream Strength will always be set to real for any DRL Championship.

7. Visible Damage will be turned on.

8. Mechanical Damage will always be set to "Light".

9. Tire wear will be set to normal wear, or x1.

10. Fuel Consumption will be set to normal, or x1.

11. Initial Fuel will be set to Default.

12. Grip on Wet Track/Track Edge will always be set to "Real".

13. Race Finish Delay will be set to try matching the amount of time needed to complete a lap around that circuit.

14. Category of cars allowed is Gr.1.

15. In game automatic Balance of Performance will be turned on.

16. Maximum Tire Rating will be be the Racing Soft.

17. Minimum Tire Rating will be set to Racing Soft.

18. Ghosting During Race will be set to "None".

19. Shortcut Penalty will be set to "Weak".

20. Wall Collision Penalty will be set to "None".

21. Side Contact Penalty will be set to "None".

22. Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision will be turned off.

23. Replace Car at Course Out will be turned off.

24. Flag Rules will be turned on.

25. Countersteer Assist will not be allowed.

26. Active Stability Management will not be allowed.

27. Driving Line will not be allowed.

28. Traction Control will not be allowed.

29. ABS will not be limited.

30. Auto Drive will not be allowed.

31. Tuning will not be allowed.

Livery Regulations:
1. Liverys that feature any offensive material are prohibited. If this rule is broken drivers will recieve an automatic series ban.

2. Mandatory decals are not provided for this event.

3. One driver can not use the same primary sponsor as another driver.

4. Drivers (Incl. Reserves) that breach any of the above rules will not be eligible for participation and will be DSQ'd from that race weekend.

5. Drivers must use a historical/classic style livery for their car of choice. Both "Custom-Made" or "Downloaded" are fine.

Penalty System:

1. Events and issues that happen during the race can be met with post race time penalties. Each incident will be reviewed by the stewards before a penalty is given. The penalties stated below may be changed at the stewards discretion depending on the scenerio.

2. Crossing the pit entry line at all will result in a 5 second post race time penalty. Only applies when entering the pit lane.

3. Repeated corner cutting [All 4 Tires Off Kerb] will result in a 5 second post race time penalty, regardless if an on track penalty was given or a points penalty.

4. Crossing the pit exit line at all will result in a 5 second post race time penalty or a points penalty. Only applies when exiting the pit lane.

5. Jumping the race start will result in a 10 second post race time penalty or a points penalty.

6. Passing unstricken cars under waved yellow flags will result in a 10 second post race time penalty.

7. Causing an avoidable collision will result in a 15 second post race time penalty or a points penalty.

8. Rejoining the racing surface dangerously will result in a 10 second time penalty or points penalty or a points penalty.

9. Dangerously serving a penalty earned during the event will result in a 10 second post race time penalty or a points penalty.

10. Hitting another driver under yellow flags will result in a 10 second post race time penalty or a points penalty.

11. Blocking cars ahead by a lap or more will result in a 10 second post race time penalty or a points penalty.

12. Other penalties awarded for off track issues will not result in a time penalty, but may be seen as more serious.

13. Race suspensions apply only to the series the offense occurs.

14. Any appeals can be made with sound reason from either driver involved. It's up to the stewards panel to decide whether it's acepted.

16. Causing a deliberate collision with another car for any reason and with any end result will result in an automatic one race suspension.

17. The length of the suspension is left to the race steward to finalize on a per case basis.

18. Insulting a driver through prejudice or unfounded malice will result in a one race suspension once evidence is brought forward. An appeal will not be granted.

19. The Stewards panel may also award warnings/reprimand depending on if it’s a first time offense or the severity of an incident doesn’t warrant a penalty.

20. All In-Game penalties must be served in a safe manner off the racing line. If any driver a fails to do so a penalty may be given.

21. Typing messages while a race is ongoing is forbidden completely unless it’s the league organiser.

1 - Circuit de la Sarthe N/C - 15/6/19

Car Information:

Jaguar XJR-9 '88 - 3/3

Mazda 787B '91 - 2/3

Mercedes-Sauber C9 '89 - 3/3

Nissan R92CP '92 - 3/3

Porsche 962 C '88 - 2/3

3/3 = Full

Sponsors in use:
- HP
- Martini
- GTSDrag
- Next-Gen Motorsport
- Overtake Motorsport
- Marlbro
- Castrol
- Gulf
- Silk Cut
- Blistein
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PSN ID: Dynamic_Carbon

GTP ID: DynamicGT

Nationality: Irish

Car: Nissan R92

Primary Sponsor: Rothmans



Nationality: English

Car: Nissan R92

Primary Sponsor:
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United States
United States
PSN : Sonnicks
GTP : Sonic_X49
Nationality : American
Car : Mazda 787B
Primary Sponsor : Overtake Motorsports
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United States
United States
PSN ID: GentlemanRacing
GTP ID: Clean Racer
Nationality: American/United States
Car: Jaguar
Primary Sponsor: Castrol (Car #61, is that okay?)
PSN ID: GTPL_Plotnik
GTP ID: GTPL_Plotnik
Nationality: Poland
Car: Nissan R92CP '92
Primary Sponsor: Gulf Racing

What with starting numbers?
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Primary Sponsor is just the main/biggest sponsor that appears on your car. Make sure you use one not already on the list. You will be racing tomorrow too.
Sorry but can i change car. Psn is down and i cant see if i have the Porsche. But i know i have the jaguar.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
PSN ID: BRT_James_44
GTP ID: Jim38737
Nationality: British
Car: Jaguar XJR-9
Primary sponsor: Silk Cut

Hope it's not too late to sign up.