Dual Sport motorcycles.

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    Hi folks, what would be your ideal dual sport machine for road and off road, if manufacturers were to make more variations of DS bikes ? Would you have a v twin DS or a single cylinder DS bike ? Me personally i'd have a v twin, to be honest.First reason is it would be smoother and 2nd reason perhaps lighter too, 3rd reason easy to handle and more reliable.Long distance riding wouldn't be much of a chore either.Plus you can take it off road too, as that is the reason you buy bikes like this.What would your perfect dual sport be ? Cheers Nath.
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    A lot of "dual-sport" bikes are dirt makes made street legal by adding lights and mirrors. I'd hate to think about riding one of those a few hundred miles, or trying to carry the stuff I need for the trip.

    I don't think it gets any better than the BMW GS series if you can part with the cash, and for the rest of us there is Suzuki's V-Strom, an incredible value in this class, and more than capable of multiple consecutive several-hundred-mile days if that's what you need. Both of those are twins, and my statement about not wanting to think about riding one for any distance would definitely apply to singles! In between is the Yamaha Tenere, bigger and costlier than the V-Strom, but not as expensive as the BMW. If chain maintenance is an issue, the BMW and Yamaha have shaft drive.
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