Easier in VR mode?

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  1. CrankyCraig


    Is it my imagination, or are the cars less prone to spin in VR mode? Almost as if the tyres are a couple of grades softer? Unfortunately, I can't stomach very much VR, but when I do it seems much easier to get around a lap without ending up backwards, and more difficult to get the back end out. It seems plausible to me that the developers may have deliberately upped the traction for VR in an effort to limit the motion sickness, something which definitely isn't helped by spinning.

    For those that can stomach it for longer than a few mins, how does your lap times compare?
  2. BradleyLove


    I’ve found I’m a little quicker in VR

    I’ve wondered myself if there’s some kind of extra assist going on in VR, or is it simply the extra awareness that VR brings?
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  3. VBR

    VBR Premium

    Maybe VR mode has simplified physics that use less CPU power so that it can run better.
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  4. Tomiroquai


    Hello, I think it seems easier because driving is more natural, the way you look at the apex, and how naturaly you manage the throttle.

    Some friends and I had the same feeling than you and we did a lot of tests, we found that we were as quick in VR than on TV. But on TV you have to train a lot, in VR it's natural.

    Also there is no input lag in VR and it's a great advantage !
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  5. Tired Tyres

    Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom
    Look to apex, correct FOW and much better understanding of up/down in three dimensions means it is much easier to find pace in VR. No other difference detectable to me.
  6. CrankyCraig


    Just as a reference I use the VR Headset (as opposed to TV) with the internal view, just not in VR mode. I tend to opt for cars that are a bit of a handful and try to tame them, and for whatever reason find VR mode considerably easier to do so.

    If anything, my lines and general standard of driving feel less than perfect in VR because:
    a. I'm distracted by the odd sensations
    b. I'm dazzled by it's brilliance
    c. I barely use the mode

    It's nothing scientific, just pure speculation, but just interested in the thoughts of others. Perhaps someone with a stronger stomach could give it a go back to back in something eager to drift and share their findings?
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  7. Lubeify100


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    I'm a better driver in VR racing games in general so I'm guessing it just has to do with being in the 3rd dimension
  8. Unknown?


    With VR you must consider two things. 1) 3D effect gives you a sense of depth which helps and 2) the VR headset has lower latency than even the best TVs on the market.
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  9. Tomiroquai


    I made a little comparison between TV and VR, with a car and a track I'm not used to, i-e 288 GTO at RB Ring. I used Sport Hard tyres.

    You can see it's very close, and the car is as slippy in VR than on TV. I made only a few laps each, with an advantage for VR after I played on TV and knew better the lines and the car handling. Advantage is also gain imo thanks to input lag, free look and perspective.
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  10. FRR35H


    I race a lot in VR and I believe that, as mentioned above, you have a better sense of awareness when in VR giving you better reaction times and the ability to judge apexs better. I don't think nor believe it is a physics difference like arcade mode or anything.
  11. Venster


    There is a physics difference between VR time trial and online time trial (ie quali for daily race), just like there is using TV. Offline has more grip.

    Overall I would say VR is faster though. Only a couple tenths perhaps. It’s far more natural in VR, you don’t need to wait to see the apex like in fixed cockpit, you can look at it and plan you exit way better imo. If the graphics were a bit better I would say I can spot braking markers better in VR too.

    Above all else the immersion is second to none.
  12. CrankyCraig


    Thanks for all of the responses on this so far. It seems clear from them that the game doesn't appear to have been made deliberately easier in VR mode, which is good to know.

    Returning to it tonight, I managed 30 mins of VR before turning green, but I think I've figured out why VR feels so comparatively easy (for me at least). It's the damn force feedback that I always seem to be complaining about. In VR, it's exactly as I want/expect it to be. When the back end slides, it's progressive, well communicated and easy to bring back in line. It's an utter joy to use the wheel. Outside of VR though, the horrible feedback that I experience returns, and oversteer becomes a strange and unpredictable affair once again.

    I'd be interested to know whether anyone else notices a difference with their particular set up, though past experience tells me you probably won't. I'm using a T500RS which may very well prove to be the reason, and I used the Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo with comfort medium tyres on Kyoto drving park to test it. I won't try to describe the different sensations - it should be very obvious if you experience it - but the biggest difference is probably most noticeable during or exiting a drift.
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  13. Tomiroquai


    Yes but it is not the point.

    There may be a difference between offline physics and online physics, but there aren't any between VR and "TV" physics, both offline of course.
  14. Tomiroquai


    In VR there is a natural reflex not to lose the apex from sight whenever you lose the rear or the front. It's because the car moves but not your head that is your proper "camera".

    On TV the camera is fixed and point where the car goes. Of course you still have the control of your eyes but it's very distracting, mostly when the apex gets out of the screen and you tend to instincly look where the car shouldn't go instead of where you should.

    In VR it's more instinctive so it seems easier.
  15. nfsp2kTW


    I agree with you, because my experience is the same as yours,
    The ultimate goal of Grip is to avoid SPIN, which may not experience differences.
    Try drift and you'll find that the difference in VR mode is smoother,
    Drift by Road TAB,The SIPN of the rear wheels becomes easier to master and predict.