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    ECU Tuning
    Introducing ECU Tuning to Gran Turismo, giving it an edge against other simulators. Unlocking capabilities of cars suited to specific tracks, and releasing ability to show an individual’s tuning capabilities making the game much more immersive in its simulation experience.

    Things such as

    Boost Adjustment

    Cam Retard, and Advance Angle.

    Redline Limit.

    Air to Fuel Mix Ratio (Because everybody likes soot on the back bumper ;)

    Ignition Timing
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    I remember in GT1, you could adjust boost pressure.
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    Don't forget ignition timing.
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    It would mean adding an actual engine simulator to the game, so i guess that would be a no go.
    I do tune my own car, and frankly it requires quite some motorism knowledge and time to set it up, along with a lot of probes an loggers. That and the hardest part in ECU tuning is "fail => kill your engine". That massive incentive to doing it right and slow IRL will make it an unused feature in GT6 IMHO.

    Basically all good tunes for an engine are the same, it is about setting the correct ignition timing at the right time. Set fuel ratio to 10-12:1 at WOT and you are done with fueling. Timing is about power, and not blowing your engine. You can also add a ton of timing at very low load to have your exhaust make gurgles, but seriously, this game needs better engine sounds first.
    tuning also depends on fuel ... i am using ethanol in mine, so i can use high boost, high compression and not get detonation. Put regular fuel in there and it will melt a piston quite fast, if it even starts (stoeich is 9:1 vs 14.7:1 for gas)