Eddy's pvc racing rig

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    Does anyone have the plans to eddys racing rig out of pvc i cant find it it seems easy enough and im on a budget i need the measurements so i dont make something to big or small any help i would be gratful for i new to this and it will be my frist iracing rig i am a motor head had a 800 hp 96 z28 that i miss so much and im hopeing that this will help fill that hole im missing thank you and anyother things like what type of gear to buy would be nice to i want to race gti and f1 racing so i would like a round wheel and shifter and a f1 wheel
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    I used this as a basis for my rig. I made some changes as I went but it's a pretty good starting point.

    You can see how mine turned out here (I swapped out the seat for a proper car seat later on).

    Good luck! :cheers:
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