PS4 EH Team's Tournament of Evil

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  1. Eh Team

    Eh Team

    Welcome one and all to a ranking tournament of GTPlanet's Project CARS drivers. Here in the heat of competition you will be pitted against each other in an all out brawl to hold bragging rights over your friends and fellow leagues.

    Sound evil yet? It gets worse. Each week you will drive a different car and track combination on default setups in your quest to the top of the ladder.


    Did I scare you, I hope not. This competition is meant to bring the best out of drivers purely to have bragging rights or jab at your friends during your regular weekly leagues. Whether you're looking to hit the top bragging rights prize or you're just curious to see where you rank in general this competition is about fun. I'm hoping this will become something of a gathering place for all of the clubs and people from different places will help each other go faster and be more consistent.

    Enough guff now, here is how this tournament will work.

    1. The tournament rounds run week to week, results must be submitted by Sundays at 10 pm (22:00) EST

    2. There is no set race time. You must set up a time each week with your bracket competitors to race. Please post when you plan to race so when the results post comes after that time it makes sense.

    3. All setups must be default, all tires are the softest compound available. All cars chosen will be paddle shift/sequential cars so to take away any advantage those with shifters could gain on manual cars.

    4. Each lobby will be set up with a qualifying session with enough time to complete 1 warm up lap and 1 flying lap. Each week's settings post will have the mandated time allowance and race lengths. Races will be approximately 15 minutes in a set amount of laps.

    5. A result submission must be submitted by a competitor of the bracket in this format:

    1. Winner
    2. Second place
    3. Third place (if applicable to round)
    4. Fourth Place (if applicable to round)

    Accompanying Share Play video of round starting from anytime in the qualifying session to the end of the results page at the end of the race.
    6. No result submission is valid without a Share Play video as the results cannot be video verified.

    7. If people wish to spectate your race please ensure they retire to pits as soon as possible.

    Ideally this tournament will start on the 26th of February but the date can be moved to March 5th if necessary for more entries. The bracket will be drawn up once the deadline hits and random draw for seeding will occur, the first car and track combination will be revealed at this time as well.

    To sign up please post this information as such:

    GTPlanet tag: @Eh Team
    PSN username: The_EH_Team_43

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  2. JohnScoonsBeard


    United Kingdom

    I'll post the link to CRAP pCARS.

    Good luck. Keep the flame burning.

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  3. coltsjugg


    any yellow flag nonsense? or just between the players
  4. mphile77

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    Eh Team copy and drop the link to this on SRM thread if you want, as long as it don't interfere with our planned series feel free to do so in the future as well :tup:
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  5. GTracer2015


    United Kingdom
    Im up for this. Drop me a psn message if you guys are racing
  6. davidt33


    Trinidad and Tobago
    Might be interested in this. This is what caught my attention: "Races will be approximately 15 minutes in a set amount of laps." Much prefer something like this than those other 1 hour races plus whatever I see everywhere.

    What days and times are these on @Eh Team ? Please let me know.