El Capitan Enduro 200 A-Spec Pt. Attempt - Race Finished!

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    Map by AMG.

    El Capitan Enduro - 200 A-Spec Points
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR '01

    Car Stats:
    HP: 314 HP
    TQ: 307.04 ft. lb.
    WT: 1400 kg
    PWR: 4.393
    Mileage:14,581.1 mi.
    Tires: S1/S2
    VCD Front Wheel Dist.: 10

    Upgrades: VCD Controller, Rigidity Refresh, Rollcage (Increase Rigidity), S1-S3 Tires
    Other Modifications: Car Wash, Oil Change, New Rims

    Laps: 66
    Planned Pit Window: 11 Laps

    1. Aston Martin V8 Vantage '99
    2. Callaway C12 '03
    3. Shelby Series 1 Supercharged '03
    4. TVR Cerbera Speed Six '97
    5. Pagani Zonda C12 '00
    6. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR '01 -Me

    Start-Lap 6

    On the start, I was suprised not to be left for dead by the supercars. I managed to dive under the Pagani, TVR, and Aston in Turn 1, and was side-by-side with the Shelby on the exit, but he pushed me off the track. There goes my hope of a clean race.:grumpy: I was able to get past the Shelby in Turn 2, and took the lead from the Callaway in Turn 3. I managed to extend my lead to about 2 seconds until I made a stupid mistake and went off in Turn 7.:dunce: By the end of Lap 4, I had extended the lead to 13 seconds. The Shelby began to close the gap once it got past the Callaway.

    Margin of Lead - Lap 6: 5.83 sec over Shelby Best Lap: 1'59.718

    Lap 7-12

    My tires are wearing, the Shelby is coming,:nervous: and Lap 11 is too far away. I end up going wide in the first turn on Lap 9 and losing the lead to the Shelby. The Pagani also passes before I pit at the end of the lap. The Aston and TVR pit on Laps 11 & 12, respectively.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 12: 43.734 sec from Shelby Best Lap: 1'59.269

    Lap 13-18

    I repass the TVR in Turn 3 on Lap 13. The Shelby pits on Lap 14, the Callaway on Lap 16. Since I know the performance drops suddenly at the end of the run, I pit early and try a new tire combination.:idea: I repass the Callaway on Lap 18 in Turn 6. The Pagani is gaining on me.:scared:

    Margin From Lead - Lap 18: 1'24.736 sec from Pagani Best Lap: 1'59.269

    Lap 19-24

    I get the lead to under 1 min. on Lap 20. At the rate my tires seem to be wearing, my next stop'll probably involve gas. The TVR pits on Lap 24.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 24: 46.628 sec from Shelby Best Lap: 1'58.445

    Lap 25-30

    I'm losing time to the Shelby. I pit on lap 26 and lose 3rd and 4th spots. The Shelby pits on lap 28, but it doesn't help me a whole lot.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 30: 1'23.542 from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 31-36

    I think I see the Aston, but it's the Callaway! I pass him for 4th in Turn 9 on lap 32. He pits at the end of that lap. I lap the Aston on his outlap. I pit on lap 36 and lose a lap to the leader.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 36: 1 Lap from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 37-42

    The Zonda pits and I get my lap back. I'm catching someone, but it's the Aston.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 42: 1'38.488 from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 43-48

    I battle with the Aston. I wreck. (That's all my notes say, but if I remember right, the Aston shoved me into the sand and I spun) I pit on lap 45, the Callaway follows on Lap 48.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 48: 1 Lap from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 49-54

    I pit on lap 54. That's all that happened.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 54: 1 Lap from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 55-60

    The Shelby pits and I just pass him on exit. He then proceeds to glue himself to my rear bumper for a few laps. The Zonda pits.

    Margin From Lead - Lap 60: 1 Lap from Pagani Best Lap: 1'58.246

    Lap 60-Finish

    Pit Strategy:
    1. Zonda: Good 'til end
    2. Shelby: " " "
    3. TVR: " " "
    4. Callaway: Pit on 64?
    5. Me: Pit on 63
    6. Aston: Pit on my 63 (His 61 or 62)

    The Shelby is still magnetically attracted to my rear bumper. I pit for soft tires to finish the race. The Callaway pits on the next lap, just as I had hoped. I take 4th from him and cruise home.

    Final Results:
    1. Pagani Zonda C12 - 2 hr. 12 min.
    2. Shelby Series 1 S/C - +44 sec
    3. TVR Cerbera Speed 6 - +1 Lap
    4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR '01 -Me - +1 Lap
    5. Callaway C12 - +1 Lap
    6. Aston Martin V8 Vantage - +At least 2 Laps

    Thoughts on the Race
    This was my first 200 pt. A-Spec Endurance Race attempt, and only the second time I had done an endurance where you have to turn right. I had a good time doing the race and want to do another one soon. However, it won't be for a while, because I'm trying to focus on Photomode and tuning cars. But when I do another Enduro, I'll plan better and hopefully end up in first place.

    Maybe in a stock RX-7.
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  2. Sivers


    Cool. This is my favorite endurance race even if I usually use the Esprit (Stock, rigidity and S1s) :)

    Looking forward to the rest of your report!
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    Sounds like a good race so far and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress as the race goes on, and remember the AI are terribly slow on cold tyres so make sure to take advantage of them while they're warming up. :tup:
    Be wary of the capacity for front tyre munching with the 4WD drivetrain though. :scared:
  4. PF


    Awesome: this is one of the Enduros I'm looking at for my first 200pt attempt.
    I'm also keen to see how the tyres will wear with those VCD settings Good luck amigo!
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    United States
    And on warm tires, the Pagani hasn't pitted yet and I gained 20 sec. in about 2 laps.:tup: And I evened out the tire wear. (S1/S3)
    I haven't had to pit since I changed tire combination, but S2s last 9 Laps.
  6. GR

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    Everything sounds good so far.. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of this race :tup:
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    Nice report so far. Looking forward to this!:tup:
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    Laps 7 to 18 have been added.:cool: Thanks for the comments and advice.:tup:
  9. GR

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    Good to see your progress.. I hope you'll win this race :cheers:
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    Lap 19-24 added, more coming later.:tup:
  11. LancerEvo7


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    I found my original notes for this so I'll finish this race report up tomorrow and use it as a prologue to a story.

    Lap 25-54 Added!
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    Here's some advice - use a GT-R R34, give it R2's. Worked for me at the Trial Mountain 2 Hours enduro in GT3 (albeit I used T4s). If you really have no hope in a GT-R, try a Mine's Evo :sly:.
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    Uh, you can't use racing tires in the El Cap enduro.
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    so how'd it go?
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    Good race and congratulations for doing your best. :tup:
  16. LancerEvo7


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    I redid it in an RX-7 for 200 points and won comfortably.
  17. All Your Base

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    North Korea
    Can you do another one of these?
  18. LancerEvo7


    United States
    No, this was 5 years ago, I haven't touched GT4 in 2 or 3 years.
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    I had a ball doing this enduro for 200 pts with a Suzuki GS-X R/4.