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    Hello GTP,

    I am new to this forum and community, but by far not new to the Gran Turismo series. I am here to propose an idea of mine since i do not currently have 100 posts to post this in the GT5 section of this forum. Hopefully one of the mods may be interested in joining or broadening the audience of this thread.

    Now on to my pitch. I have seen a lot of races posted here and there on this forum and the playstation forums. But why has someone not come up with the idea of making a league strictly for GT5 racing? For example you have a website (which i have available) where people can create accounts, join a few leagues and compete. Now it doesn't stop there. This account then can create a racing team that includes up to 3 members (just for the beginning until the bugs are fixed) to compete in events with up to 2 team cars. On this website you can view peoples replays, look at the points of different series, see what team is on top and what teams maybe on the move from previous weeks. Now the league would work on a points system just like any professional racing series. You would get driver points such at qualifying, laps led and finish position. But also have team points and manufacture points. I feel confident that a decent amount of people would be interested in this league. Now for the example of the series i would like to begin with. If you have been into racing for a while then you should be familiar with these racing series.


    I know I am missing a lot but this is just to show the GTP forums what I am planing and hoping to accomplish. As for Nascar, i see someone has the idea already and moving forward with it and i have decided to leave it out of my list on the league because it was someone elses idea. please feel free to comment on how you feel about my idea and let me know if i missed anything.

    Thank You for your time,

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    The idea sounds pretty interesting. You might want to talk to Jordan or one of the mods if you really want to get this done. I think the idea is pretty good and I don't see why GTP can't do it. I'll also add your PSN.
  3. Midori


    I am looking for a mod to help me with this issue. Here is where the issue lies, They are super busy with their own racing series and not alot of people have posted their interest on this yet. So I am asking for some responses here. Who is interested in signing up if we can make this happen? Also some peoples input on what they would like to see in the league.
  4. JDMJim


    After i get some practice in with GT5 I would be down. I haven't raced with a wheel in quite some time, maybe 3ish years on GT4 but I plan to be doing plenty of that after the 24th so if this thing picks up any steam by then I will give it a go.
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    Nice to see members coming up with new ideas but before posting, it maybe courteous to talk this over with Jordan and or the moderators before, what sounds like you’re asking members to create new accounts on other websites, ( if I understanding your thoughts right)

    “For example you have a website (which I have available) where people can create accounts”

    A simple PM to Jordan or moderator would do the job for you.

  6. Hugo Boss

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    Hi Midori,

    The format you mentioned isn't around yet simply because GT5 isn't available yet to everybody. If you want to set up such a league, you need to know all of the possibilities GT5 offers and we do not know that yet.

    Since you're new to GTP and the community, I can tell you we have had mulitiple comparable formats organized by members during GT1-4 :tup:
    The only difference with the format you suggest is simply the limitation we had with previous GT's that we couldn't race each other online... The real die-hards solved that by hooking up in real life and build a LAN!

    Please be patient, not long after the release we will see some GT5 racing leagues. Whether those will be organized by GTP mods or by some of our regular members is still to be seen, but I can ensure you there's plenty of skill and creativity within our community to set up such a league. Ofcourse you're free to (co)-organize such a league in the near future. Just be a bit more patient ;)
  7. Midori


    Yes I can see now where my wording was not correct. By me meaning I have a website available I meant that if I did find the GT5 community interested I would help fund for this type of application on a site.
  8. Midori



    e2 Challenge will award Championship points and maintain the point standings to determine a Race Team Champion in each vehicle class.

    e2 Challenge Points Post Race Finish

    1 - 9 points
    2 - 7 points
    3 - 5 points
    4 - 3 points
    5 - 2 points
    6 - 1 points

    The highest finishing car of each eligible make will earn team
    points for its finishing position.

    One (1) team point will be awarded to the team
    of the car qualifying for pole position in each class.

    Ties in the final point standings in any of the Championships will be decided based upon the number of first place finishes in class; then, if necessary, the number of second place finishes, etc.


    e2 Challenge will award Championship points and maintain the point standings to determine a Drivers’ Champion in each vehicle class. Points will be awarded drivers based on their final positions at each event as follows:

    1 - 110 points
    2 - 100 points
    3 - 92 points
    4 - 85 points
    5 - 80 points
    6 - 76 points
    7 - 72 points
    8 - 68 points
    9 - 64 points
    10 - 60 points
    11 - 57 points
    12 - 54 points
    13 - 51 points
    14 - 48 points
    15 - 45 points
    16 - 43 points

    Driver Qualifying Points

    Points will be awarded to qualifiers in each class as follows:

    1 - 15 points
    2 - 12 points
    3 - 9 points
    4 - 6 points
    5 - 3 points

    Additional bonus championship point schedules may be added, or amended, during the season.

    Ties in the final point standings in any of the Championships will be decided based upon the number of first place finishes in class; then, if necessary, the number of second place finishes, etc.

    A driver must be classified as a starter to score Championship points.


    All series awards will be presented at the year-end awards banquet following
    the final round of the season.

    Race Team Champions

    Annual awards honoring the Team(s) that have accumulated the most championship points in each class throughout the season.

    Drivers’ Champions

    Annual awards honoring the driver(s) having the highest championship point total in each class for the season.