Endurance League - AI Pit Strategies/Fuel & Tire Usage

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Hello folks!

I've finally reached the Endurance League portion of GT League, and I'm actually pretty amped to give them a crack - well, not so much the Porsche 911 one-make enduro at Suzuka, but y'know - and I'm curious to know if any research has been done RE: AI pit strategies and player car fuel/tire usage. I know some threads appeared for enduro races in GT4 and GT5 along these lines, designed to help people curate a competitive race and working out what cars would be good choices to attempt the race with.

If anyone has given these races a go, what cars did you use and what were your (and the AI's) pit strategies? :)
United States
You can just go with fuel map 1 and do short shifts if you want to save fuel.

I go with medium tires and do double stints. With Hards you can use them the entire race, at least in the Porsche Enduro race. I think softs don’t last long enough nor have that much of a pace increase to justify using them.