Endurance Racing 'The Return to gt5'

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    Hello everyone!First time writer but looong time reader.Several days ago i read about the upcoming close of the gt5 online services :-( .
    I have gt5 from the very first day with lots of hours and about 1180 cars.Im not a perfect driver but also not a trophy whore.
    Before a month i put it again on my tray after 1 year...
    Beeing on 94% completion i decided to finish the last two endurance races of A spec starting with my favourite ring.k

    The car i chose is the GTR N24 schultze motorsports '11 maxed out (870hp-1505kg) .Started the race in a clear weather with RS tires and all aids off except abs to 1.

    Settings are the default except downforce 25-45 , top speed 340kmh and a little 2.0 camber front.

    The car is very grippy and has very good performance with careful driving and proper shifts i ran the first lap 8:02:xxx and about 11secs ahead of AI.
    (I use my DS3 since i sold my G27)
    The only problem i have is the top speed the GTR has at the long straight flat out reaches 319-320km/h with the AI closing the gap.

    I saved the race at lap 3 with a lead of 49 secs.

    Is this enough to beat the challenge what do you think?

    just reached lap 43 in 6h and 28 mins of gameplay.I use pits every 3 laps.
    Best lap so far 8.00.369.
    I have lapped 4-5 times the Lister
    Storm and the BNR 34 skyline
    Now i have a lead of 4mins and 40 secs from the second Audi R10 TDi.
    The night came with a lot of clouds ,hope it rains because with 4wd i will increase my lead.
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    (new update)
    I am now at 11hours and 33 mins.

    The night racing is awesome and after 80 completed laps i managed to LAP the 2 first faster AI cars.They are 1)Audi R10 TDI 2)Peugeot 905.

    I use the strategy of pitting every 3 laps and the car consumes about 57-61 litres in those 3 laps.

    A strange glitch happened which occured a AI car not beeing able to pit just pass through them.It is the Zonda RM.

    Every lap i complete i find him going with 80km/h.lols.

    Best lap of this night driving 7.58.028.I love night racing.

    I finished the race.
    everything well except of rain.In the whole race it didnt rain.
    In the last lap the i had a lead of 2 laps and 4mins.

    A strange thing i noticed.
    while was in the last lap i decided to stop to eat something while the time limit was 16:45 i just had a tire change at the pits.I parked the car just before the carrussel in the grass.The tire rubber was full.
    After 10+ mins when i returned the time limit was around 5 mins but the tire rubber was half maybe less in all tires..

    Btw i finished my race.Everything well.
    When i find some time i will do the last one of the le mans.
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