Engine sound, sounds like I got a blown speaker

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A few things first, my PS5 is pretty whipped. My USB ports are bad, but this is the only game that does it. Yes I believe it happened while I was using Spotify and have erased it, did not work. I have seen some posts about engine sounds not working at all and it has since been patched. This has prolly happened 7-8 months ago and I haven’t seen really to much about it. One couple things that I forgot. It happens no matter what I output to and there is graphical errors, like it is chugging sometimes and while it’s dark the screen will change brightness by a little bit. Thank you guys in advance, hit lvl 50 last week and I’m loving the engin swaps. Great add
Delete and install it again? Kinda risky though maybe
I’ve done that a couple times, GT7 is a big file size lol. Thank you though for reminding me so we can check that off the list. Tbh I think my ps5 is just beat lol