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    This is a gallery of photos taken with a simulated TLR camera. The settings are based on a camera that I bought at an auction a few years ago. The zoom is fixed, which makes composition interesting. Instead of zooming in and out you'll actually have to move the camera.

    F: from 3.5 to 22
    Focal length: 80 millimeter* (fixed)
    Shutter speed: from 10 to 200
    Format: Medium format, 6x6
    Film: Black and white

    (* I'm not sure about the focal length in GT6. 80 millimeter on a 6x6 medium format camera corresponds to 52 millimeter in 35mm format, but it also seems like the GT6 camera crops the image when going from 3:2 to 1:1, so maybe the focal length should be even lower, below 40 even?)

    Here is the first batch of photos, featuring the Ford GT40. The focal length is probably way too long on these pictures, because I took them before I realised that the angle of view is depending not only on focal length but also on format.

    City of Arts and Sciences - Night_12.jpg City of Arts and Sciences - Night_11.jpg City of Arts and Sciences - Night_10.jpg City of Arts and Sciences - Night_9.jpg Syracuse_29.jpg Syracuse_28.jpg Syracuse_27.jpg Syracuse_26.jpg Syracuse_25.jpg Syracuse_24.jpg Syracuse_23.jpg Syracuse_22.jpg Nürburgring 24h_57.jpg Nürburgring 24h_56.jpg Nürburgring 24h_55.jpg Nürburgring 24h_54.jpg Nürburgring 24h_53.jpg Nürburgring 24h_52.jpg Nürburgring 24h_51.jpg Nürburgring 24h_50.jpg Nürburgring 24h_49.jpg Nürburgring 24h_48.jpg Nürburgring 24h_47.jpg Nürburgring 24h_46.jpg Nürburgring 24h_45.jpg Nürburgring 24h_44.jpg Nürburgring 24h_43.jpg
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    I like the layout and lighting in this shot.
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    can't wait to see more of your unique attitude to shots :)