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    I recently bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 from Steam because it was on sale for very cheap. I have played a few trucking simulators, but I think Euro Truck Simulator 2 is so far the best.


    You start off by creating your character, and selecting your favorite truck manufacturer etc. Then you go through a tutorial. Then you start doing quick jobs, where you work for different companies and carrying different cargo. If you go into this game thinking, you can drive like you're in Need For Speed, be warned, there are pricey infractions like speeding, going through red lights. Getting frequent infractions also effects the amount of experience points you receive.

    The truck driving experience in ETS2 is excellent. The time is not too slow and not too fast, and is just enough to make it feel like you are driving a long time. When you're making long deliveries, there are gas stations and parking areas to stop at, when you need get gas and rest. If you don't rest when the bed icon turns blue, the driver starts yawning and the border of the screen turns dark.

    As you progress through the game, you receive experience points and money. You can buy your own trucks when you earn enough money. However, you need to get to certain levels in the game to buy certain trucks. There are many truck manufacturers like Mercedes, Renault, etc. Many of the trucks range from low horsepower to lots of horsepower, and from 8 wheels on rear, to only 4

    The visuals of Euro Truck Simulator 2 are excellent, albeit not photorealistic.


    There are many ways you can play ETS2, like keyboard, keyboard+mouse, gamepad+keyboard, and steering wheel and pedals. I highly recommend using either a gamepad with a keyboard or a driving wheel and pedals.


    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an excellent, solid truck simulation game. It has hours and hours of content to offer. It teaches you many aspects of truck driving. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into a truck simulation game.

    Note: There is American Truck Simulator also, that's like Euro Truck Simulator 2, but in the United States!
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