European GT4 Replica Series - Thursday and/or Friday Nights - Interest?

What format would you prefer?

  • Single race night (Friday), one race, 50-60 minutes in length

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United States
CG, AZ, USA, Earth
Thinking of starting a European GT4 series clone league that will run on Thursday and/or Friday nights around 9pm EDT (6pm PDT). Basic stuff that is somewhat finalized:
  • Most FR or MR Gr.4 cars are eligible
  • Standard GT Sport BOP
  • Tuning may be allowed
  • Racing Medium tires
  • 1 Pre-season round to determine classes (Silver, Pro-Am and Am) and familiarize with format
  • 6 Rounds for points (1 or 2 races)
  • Event weather determined by actual location weather on that specific day
If you are interested in this series, please vote in the poll on which format you would prefer. The real GT4 series runs 2 races each weekend of around 50-60 minutes each with a single pit stop. My ideas:
  • Single race night, one race, 50-60 minutes in length
  • Single race night, two races, 30 minutes each
  • Two race nights (Thursday and Friday) two races, 50-60 minutes each
I think the last option could be fun depending on everyone's schedules.

United States
Beloit, WI
Count me in as long as it doesn’t interfere with novas current Friday night monthly series. Thursday would be great. One hour race.