EVERY SINGLE vehicle of GT Sport hot lapped - on the Nordschleife - videos inside

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What the title says, I hot lapped EVERY SINGLE car of the game on the Green Hell! :) I'm gonna release a hot lap every two days, starting tomorrow. :) Hot laps are sorted by achieved lap times, obviously starting with the slowest ones. ;) Every car, that came stock with a set of some sort of sports tyres, I tested on SH (sport hard) tyres, every car that came stock with a set of some sort of racing tyres, I tested on RH (racing hard) tyres. I tested ALL cars without any driving aids, except ABS. I used manual transmission.

So I hope you'll follow me for next almost 2 years on finding out which car placed where, how quick/slow each car was, how I found its handling to be etc. What are your favourite/least favourite cars? What car's hot lap do you look forward to the most?! :) What car's hot lap surprised you (the most)?

As this was an INSANE amount of work/time, I'd truely appreciate here your comments and discussions! :)

Can you beat all/some of my times? :)

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Alright guys, the first 100 cars, e.g. the slowest 100 cars have now been disclosed! And what a nice way to end the first 100 with Godzilla. ;)
What were the biggest surprises and/or biggest disappointments so far for you?!
What car(s) are you looking forward to the most?!

On to the next 100! :)

Big surprise for me in the above " slow gang " was the Honda beat .
Very uncomfortable ride with hands working overtime to keep it in track .

Yes. This little beast needs a firm handle. But it's surprisingly fun this way. :)
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