F1 2016 New Xbox League

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    A new no assists league is looking to start over on Race Department to follow the actual 2017 season. We've run 7 seasons previously but are looking to get things going again following a break due to 2015's online problems.

    The race settings this season will include the following:
    - a mix of 50% and 100% races (to be confirmed)
    - equal cars
    - no assists

    Races will follow the real F1 2017 schedule on Sunday evenings. Race time still to be determined but will be around 8pm or 9pm UK time. There will be 19 races, the first at Australia on March 26th 2017

    Once we have a few more signed up we will look to schedule some club races to fill the gap before the season starts and so we can get to know each other.

    If you are interested in some good clean no assist racing come along and sign up here:-


    If you want to chat racing (or anything for that matter) check out the paddock chat area here:-


    The schedule for races is now up including the distance for each. Seven 100% races included for this season with the rest being 50%.


    Rules can be found here:-


    Come along and check it out. Car selections will be arranged in the next couple of weeks to give plenty of time for practice before the season starts. We will probably go on a first come first served basis so if you have a car preference get your name down quick smart [​IMG]