F1 2018 General Musings after achieving Platinum TrophyPS4 

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Now that I have my Platinum trophy and have had a short break to get over this game there are a few comments I want to pass on.

Firstly, I want to say the career path is not too bad, once you work out what it is all about ;-) It is also one of the easiest platinum trophies I have gotten so far. It is not so much about skill but just a hard slow grind.

Now having said that there is one achievement that was being particularly elusive, Safety First, obtain a level “A” in multiplayer.

Put it this way, my experience so far is that I long to go back to the demolition derbies of GT Sport. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to the absolute filth that is F1 multiplayer in ranked lobbies. I cannot begin to say what an absolute dreadful time I have had. Over half the field are on hand controllers and lag and most of what’s left just can’t drive! And, the game lies, you DO NOT get matched with people of similar skill or safety rating but thrown into any old lobby that is currently going :-(

The tactics I have employed was to be last to the first corner with a healthy safety margin where the back half of the field inevitably destroys themselves. By the next two corners I am in the top 10 and by the end of lap one usually 3-7. The best I have done is start last and won by over 20 seconds where the whole field just systematically destroyed themselves.

But I digress.

So I very, very carefully pick my way through the field and I get ridiculous penalties like, 2 cars spin, I pick my way through the wreckage and then get told to hand a position back because of an illegal overtake! I mean really!? WTF!!!?

Or I get to an accident and suddenly get speared into by some idiot re-entering the track and I get a collision penalty and safety downgrade!

Or better still, overtake a damaged car and get rammed off the track because he has issues with losing a place and I get another collision penalty.

To gain this achievement just drive around at the back of the pack and stay away from **EVERYONE**!!!! And it is as boring as bat poo ;-)

I do understand WHY online is like this because the career mode has the AI playing the same way! >:-(

This is not a racing game IMHO and you have to have a very masochistic personality to persevere with it.

Now on to the cars. All the modern F1 cars are bland and pretty well all drive the same whereas the older ones can be a lot of fun.

Tuning doesn’t seem to do very much and really becomes quite pointless when people or AI just dive bomb into corners and take you out >:-(

I played this on a 4K TV and PS4 Pro and found the graphics quite acceptable with the rain effects a little too good ;-)

I bought this game because I was bored with GTS and longed for the real world tracks, Spa, Hockenheim, COTA, Hungarring, Silverstone etc. Sighhhhh…………………….

As a final observation, drive Lewis Hamilton’s Merc around the Red bull Ring in F1 2018 and then in GT Sport. One of these games has gotten the car very wrong indeed!!!!