F1 2018's Career Mode Will Introduce Press Interviews... With Real Consequences

You can be a Renegade/Paragon driver?Alright :lol:

I have yet to play any sports game that had a feature like this, and not end up hating the experience because of how they implement the effects. NBA 2K12, along with forcing me away from sports games for a long time, was the worst with this as if you weren't star quality in career mode, no options would improve the situation, and I tried all of them. That said, Motorsport Manager in all it's iterations has a lot of teeth-gnashing options that you can't opt out of, so I guess if nothing else Codemasters have made a press option I'll actively use. That said, if other games have taught me anything, developers don't like you ignoring parts of their game, so I'd wager that the Raikkonen option will end up screwing you over in every way imaginable.
Sounds interesting. Actually makes me wanna try out to see what options do what.

There’s also the option to simply not comment — something we’ll refer to as the Kimi option.