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Newest update: Patch 1.22

  • Radio language option has returned to the advanced audio options screen
  • Users will now see the speed they set in the speedtrap in practice sessions
  • Addressed an issue where the camera would reset when the game was started
  • User is now notified of their progress through a championship on the loading screen
  • User can now see if they are serving a penalty during a pitstop
  • Front wing damage threshold has been reduced in practice and qualifying sessions to include minor physical damage
  • Addressed an issue where the safety car could appear in One-Shot Qualifying in online sessions

  • Addressed an issue where users could not submit results if they didn’t enter qualifying 2 or 3 with saving between sessions enabled
  • Addressed an issue where a scheduled league could become stuck in an old event
  • Addressed an issue where a league could become stuck if abandoning a practice or qualifying session with saving between sessions enabled

  • Maximum Vehicle Reflections setting reduced from ‘Ultra High’ to ‘High’ for stability



    • When ‘Repair Wing Damage’ is set to ‘Yes’ on the MFD, the pit crew will now change the front wing regardless of how much physical damage it has taken

    • Addressed an issue where users would get stuck between qualifying sessions if full qualifying and saving between sessions was enabled.

    • Addressed an issue where users could see drivers on incorrect tyres after a pit stop
    • The spectated car will no longer appear ghosted in one-shot qualifying
Time Trial

    • F2 car leaderboards will now show which era car has been used (2018 or 2019)
  • Safety car deployment frequency has been adjusted so that it is more likely to come out within race sessions.
  • Addressed an issue where the Logitech G29 rotary dial could not be assigned in a clockwise direction
  • Further stability fixes
  • Users can now save between sessions in private leagues.
  • Users can now add reserves in private leagues.
  • Keyboard support has been added.
  • Addressed an issue where progress would not be saved in Practice 1 in Australia of a new career.
  • Addressed an issue where a selected team-mate would change if the user exited the game before completing Practice 1 in Australia of a new career
  • Addressed an issue where DNFs would incorrectly show with the fastest lap indicator in the season results tab
  • Addressed an issue where Butler and Weber would appear after skipping the F2 Feeder Series if the user quit in Practice 1 of Australia
  • User will now be warned before purchasing upgrades towards the end of a season if the department has experienced a regulation change
  • Addressed an issue where the camera selection would not save if selected in a multiplayer session
  • User can now enable the track map for the session they are spectating
  • Users can now manually navigate through the weekly event prizes
Patch 1.18
  • GENERAL – Added the ability to save custom camera setups per car
  • GENERAL – Addressed an issue where audio could periodically drop out between sessions
  • EVENTS – Addressed an issue where assists set in the weekly event would not carry into the race
  • LEAGUES – User is now notified how many applications are waiting
  • CAREER – User will now receive a mail detailing why they received a grid penalty
  • CAREER – User will now be notified which F1 teams they are affiliated with if they selected a driver academy
  • CAREER – User can now see who gained the fastest lap throughout the season on the season results tab
  • MULTIPLAYER – Users can now view a player’s super licence on the session list screen
Alongside this patch we have added an additional two customisation bundles (items can also be bought separately), with a special Abu Dhabi Grand Prix livery, helmet, helmet and badge ahead of the final lights out of the season this coming weekend. But wait – there’s myrrh! In preparation of the Holiday season, we have also added a Holiday special bundle, so you can go ahead and sleigh your on-track look.

Patch 1.18.1 (PC specific)

- GENERAL – Addressed a crash with specific graphics cards.

Patch 1.18.2 (PC specific)

- GENERAL – Addressed an issue where the game would crash for some users while booting the game.
Addressed a crash for some users who attempted to load a career save from a previous version.
Patch 1.15 is out on PC now, and will be out on PS4 and Xbox One pending first party approval. This patch contains the Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly switch, as well as including our Halloween items! You’ll notice that this is patch 1.15 – we’ve combined this with patch 1.12, so that we can give you as many fixes as possible.

  • Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly have been moved to Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso – this will not affect existing career saves
  • AI Race start performance variance updated leading to slower starts by the AI on average
  • Mid-season driver transfer logic amended
  • Added options to disable driver transfers or limit to off-season transfers only
  • Addressed an issue with visual graining seen on specific graphics cards
  • Addressed an issue where FPS drops could be seen on PC
  • Cars being lapped will now ghost in online sessions
  • Teammate can now be selected at the start of a career
  • Grid penalties can now be seen during the pre-race grid rundown
  • Players can no longer re-join a team they were fired from in the same season in career
  • 26 brand new customisation items including Halloween edition items
Patch 1.10

Brings 20 brand new customisation items to the store! Become a BLUR ahead of your rivals with a brand new multiplayer car livery, be edgy and don the SPIKES helmet or head to the stars in a new SCI-FI suit & gloves set! Check out the in-game store for all of the new items and make your rivals green with envy!
  • Realistic performance can now be enabled in Leagues
  • AI can now be disabled when using official cars in Leagues
  • Skill rating rebalancing
  • Safety rating rebalancing
  • Balancing fixes for AI R&D progression in career
  • Added additional support for Fanatec wheels
  • Fixed an exploit on Time Trial in France
  • Tyre compounds have been updated in Brazil, USA & Mexico
  • Reduced off-track surface grip on approach to turn 12 in Brazil
  • Various other fixes and stability improvements
  • Various livery and sponsor logos updated
  • Updated Ferrari engine cover and front wing endplate. Updated livery, including the 90 Years logos
  • Updated McLaren engine cover and front wing endplate
  • Updated Racing Point nosecone, mirrors and bargeboard
  • Updated Renault side impact structure vane
  • Updated Alfa Romeo sidepod air intake
  • League AI difficulty now goes up to 110
  • F2 cars will no longer start sprint races or one-shot qualifying with cold tyres
  • F1 setups can no longer be applied to F2 cars
  • Grid penalties now apply correctly after taking new parts out-with the initial allocation between qualifying and race
  • France pitlane has been updated for the 2019 season
  • Cars are now less cautious of unsafe releases in the pitlane
  • AMD FidelityFX Upscaling and FidelityFX Sharpening are now available as Anti-Aliasing options on applicable devices
  • HDR is now selectable when running in DX12 on PC
  • Report codes are now shown on the pause menu in all game modes
  • Stopped players on Xbox One from being able to invite to Ranked sessions by using Party Chat
  • Reduced GPU usage in the front end
  • F2 wet tyres will now have a longer life
  • Helicopters are no longer flying at increased speeds
  • Various other fixes and stability improvements
UPDATE: A small correction to our Patch Notes for 1.07. Please note we have removed an item was not included in this current patch and accidently added to the notes. It is due to be in a later patch and we will let you know when it is released.
  • Tyre wear will no longer scale in qualifying sessions when race distance is set to 25% or 50%
  • Car setups will no longer change in multiplayer when going between sessions
  • Fixed a crash seen by users who had been eliminated in Q1 and then closed the game during the press interview
  • Fixed a number of instances where some Trophies/Achievements may not unlock in certain circumstances
  • Various other stability and bug fixes
  • 2019 season performance updates
  • F2 is now available in Unranked Multiplayer and LAN
  • AI performance has been improved in wet weather for both F1 and F2 vehicle classes
  • Improvements to AI blocking behaviour
  • In photo mode changing shutter speed will no longer make the screen go black
  • Fanatec wheels will no longer send strong force feedback turning the wheel to the right on race starts
  • Rain / ERS charging lights now work on PS4 Pro
  • First Ten Down (Complete 10 races online) achievement will now unlock correctly
  • Stopped graphical glitches occurring and getting more frequent during long play sessions
  • Fixed a crash seen with an Nvidia 970 graphics card running the DX12 executable.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause frame rate to be lower than expected during game play after viewing multiple eras in the Showroom.
  • Numerous other stability fixes.
PC players might experience one or more of these problems with crashes to desktop. Supposedly fixed in a Day 1 patch (this friday).

  • Nvidia 430.86 drivers and Steam Overlay will cause a crash. Please be sure to remove the Steam Overlay if you have that driver.
  • DX12 – AMD RX – You may experience crashes when using DX12 while Geometry Culling is Enabled. Please either make sure that Geometry Culling is either not enabled or run the game in DX11.
  • DX12 – MSI Afterburner – The game may crash if you go from Windowed mode to Fullscreen or vice versa. We are working with MSI for a fix – Known workaround: Either close MSI Afterburner or run DX11, close the game and then relaunch the game in DX12.

Note! If you have a Nvidia 970 card, run the game in DX11. It will most likely crash when played in DX12.

TLDR: Disable Steam overlay if you have newest Nvidia driver 430.86. Run in DX11 until fixed. Close MSI Afterburner if you're using that.
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I thought this patch only adds cosmetic items to the store, and those points listed such as AI in the rain are being worked on for a future patch? There were some bug fixes unlisted also but I don't think much else in 1.10
I thought this patch only adds cosmetic items to the store, and those points listed such as AI in the rain are being worked on for a future patch? There were some bug fixes unlisted also but I don't think much else in 1.10
Correct you are. Read it a bit too fast so didn't catch all the text. :lol:

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