F1 2020 MyTeam ideas


Wymondham, Norfolk
Using the 2019 multiplayer car and liveries as I'm sure MyTeam will do it a similar way, I came up with some teams, backstory and livery ideas. Enjoy.

Jordan GP Honda EJ20

After a few sizeable paychecks doing presenting on Top Gear and other things, and with the budget cap looming, Eddie Jordan rekindles an old friendship with Honda and purchases a disused car factory to rebuild Jordan F1 from the ground up. The iconic yellow livery being confirmed early to the delight of fans.

Prost F1 Alpine (Renault) PF01

After growing disillusioned with Cyril Abiteboul's apparent lack of future vision and leadership at Renault. Alain Prost takes matters into his own hands. Purchasing shares in the Renault brand and building a state of the art facility in the now defunct Alpine factory. Rekindling the Prost name in F1 and rebadging the Renault power units as Alpine.

Team Lotus Honda CC1

With sales of their hybrid and electric cars on the rise, Lotus use the publicity and revenue to rejoin F1 with the correct Lotus team. Having used Honda power in the past and wanting to capitalise on the budget cap, they elect to use Honda power units. The factory in Norfolk is expanded to accommodate.

BMW MPower Racing Mercedes M20

With a power unit undecided. BMW begin early efforts to rejoin the F1 grid. Opting to use Mercedes power for their first season, which seemed like an odd choice but after collaborating with Daimler Benz for a hybrid power train recently, the relationship was there to strike a partnership, on the proviso that a Mercedes academy driver took one of the seats with BMW opting to take on Nick de Vries.

Minardi Ferrari PS21

After a failed attempt in 200i to rejoin the F1 grid under Paul Stoddart (losing the place to Prodrive who never made it to the grid). Paul and Giancarlo strike a deal to get back onto the grid after proving their ability to fund the team. Using a brand new, but compact, facility just outside Monza. They strike up a deal with Ferrari in exchange for a Ferrari driver academy seat. With Alesi, Ilot and Mick Schumacher shooting out for the seat, Schumacher winning the right.

Toyota TF120

Toyota dropped LeMans and are attempting to return to F1. With an engine deal yet to be in place, Matsu****a has already been confirmed for the outfit.

Arrows Petronas A200

Following his sons amazing success, Jos Verstappen sought out and purchased the rights to the Arrows name with the intention of creating a Dutch based F1 team. Seeking sponsorship from Orange in Europe and partnering with Mercedes and Petronas for engines (badged as Petronas). The pieces fell into place. Based on the coast 25 miles from Zandvoort. Nick de Vries getting the nod for a drive.

Brawn Mercedes BGP002

Ross Brawn took little persuasion to leave his FIA post to rekindle Brawn GP. A good relationship with Mercedes making the engine partnership an easy choice. Moving into a new facility based near Silverstone, and employing the services of Jenson Button alongside Brawn, and Jack Aitken in one of the seats. Brawn are optimistic of being competitive at the top of the midfield straight away.

Benetton Renault B220

Long after his ban being overturned, Flavio Briatore stated an interested in getting back in to F1 ahead of the budget cap and regulation change. Having had a good relationship with Rocco Benetton, a deal was struck with him and Renault to see Benetton return as a new entity based in Milton Keynes. Mick Schumacher joining the team early citing it as an exciting project.

Brabham Ferrari BT20

Having felt bad selling the team to its doom in the late 80s. Bernie Ecclestone used his financial prowess, and desire to be involved in the F1 paddock, to fund a brand new entry using the Brabham name. Jordan King becoming the 2nd signing for the team who would be based out of Buckinghamshire.
Jack Brabham would turn in his grave at the idea of a Brabham Ferrari.

Haha yeah true that. I was finding it difficult to create a link to any of the current 4 suppliers. I latched on to the small history they had with Alfa Romeo, now under Ferrari ownership. I guess thats the beauty of MyTeam shame we can't brand our own engines but let's not get greedy.