F1 2021 - Latest Official Screenshots

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As F1 2021 gets closer to launch (July 16, or July 13 with Digital Deluxe Edition early access), Codemasters keeps dropping new batches of screenshots to correspond with each real-world grand prix. There's been three sets so far, for the French Grand Prix, the Styrian Grand Prix, and a small set today for the Austrian Grand Prix (which is essentially the Styrian Grand Prix Part 2... or the other way round).

It's not something I could generate a GTP news article about, but they ought to be shared on here - and I can use GTP16's awesome new tools to Feature the thread too :D

French Grand Prix (20/6/2021)


Styrian Grand Prix (27/6/2021)


Austrian Grand Prix (4/7/2021)


After this triple-header there's a bit of a gap until the British Grand Prix, which will be the Sunday after the game launches (18/7/2021), so we might see more... or not.
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I took the France and Styria shots 🙂

Some good ones in there; if the Fernando Alonso one from France shows up anywhere I’m sure people will like it, probably the best one I’ve done in a long time.

As for post-launch, last year I took screens for every race after Belgium, about 400 in total 🙂
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What system were the screenshots taken from?
Mine are taken on PC.

1080ti, 1440p, everything on Ultra.

I don't know the specs of those taken by the dev team 🙂
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Didn't even realize it was out so soon. Was about to jump back into 2020 and see if there were mods to update it to the current season, but I can wait a couple weeks instead.