F1 Caption Game 2024 - CANADA openFormula 1 

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Very close at the top and I kick myself for missing a couple entries, that podium probably could have been mine. Well done @XJ40 on beating me there.

Generally if I don't think of something on first viewing nothing will come so those non entries really ended up hurting me overall.
I'm happy with the result! Well done everybody! Time to truly unleash my sense of humour next year. Might have to run a caption or two past @Touring Mars to ensure AUP compliancy :lol:

Happy New Year everybody
Not a bad run, forgot a few rounds, happy with 5th.

Thanks @Jimlaad43 for running the competition and the rest for the funny captions.

Happy new year!
F1 CAPTION COMPETITION 2020 - Caption of the year

Emilia-Romagna: (Jimlaad43)
"Don't get too far ahead or Lewis will start complaining that his tyres are dead again"

Free Practice is now open. Feel free to add your own photos for people to caption.​
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F1 Caption Game rules 2021.
Captions and Images

  • All captions must be your own work. Captions that are deemed too similar to existing submitted captions may be disqualified.
  • If you decide to change or submit a new caption, you must name your new caption as "FINAL ENTRY". This cannot be changed once denoted. If multiple captions are submitted without any being noted as final entry, your first submission will be put forward for voting.
  • Captions must be in text format only. Weblinks can be included as part of a sentence, but captions must include some text and may not simply be a link to a picture.
  • All captions must comply with the forum rules. Captions deemed to be inappropriate e.g. explicit sexual references, offensive comments etc. may be disqualified.
  • All moderation staff can delete any posts for any reason. All entries are subject to approval by the moderation staff and all moderating decisions are final.
  • The winner of each Round will be allowed to select an image for a future round. Due to short turnaround between the ever-expanding calendar, it won't be possible to get the winner to find suitable pictures in a reasonably short time. As such, if you win a round, feel free to submit photos to the moderator at a future round before it is updated. It is the moderator's discretion as to whether that photo will be used or not.
  • Images submitted by Round Winners must be of reasonable size and quality and are subject to approval by the moderation team i.e. unsuitable images e.g. images depicting accidents resulting in injury or other inappropriate material will not be used.
  • Round Winners who select an image for the subsequent round must wait at least 3 hours before submitting a caption for their own picture. Captions posted earlier than this will not be admitted to the poll.


  • Each round, captions will be gathered and posted in the voting thread (see below) and subjected to a public vote. Anyone is allowed to vote, but those who have entered a round must vote in that round or they will not score any points for however many votes they gain, and may not vote for their own caption. Captions voted for by their authors will be disqualified. Repeat offenders will be banned from the thread.
  • You have three votes and you can either split your votes 2-1, or give three captions one vote each. You must use all three votes.
  • Each caption will be assigned a letter code, and votes should be cast as follows:

    A - 1
    B - 1
    C - 1


    A - 2
    B - 1

Points are awarded to the captions that receive the most votes in the voting round. There are ten scoring positions:

1st - 25 points
2nd - 18 points
3rd - 15 points
4th - 12 points
5th - 10 points
6th - 8 points
7th - 6 points
8th - 4 points
9th - 2 points
10th - 1 point

In the event of a tie for any position, points are averaged and shared (rounding down where necessary), e.g. two people tied for 4th will both receive 11 pts ((12+10)/2); 3 people tied for 1st will receive 19 pts ((25+18+15)/3) etc.

In the event of tied scores in the final standings, the person with the most "overall wins" will be awarded the title. Shared wins will be counted second.

Previous Champions

2005 - Solid Lifters
2006 - Pupik & DQuaN
2007 - Touring Mars
2008 - Touring Mars
2009 - Touring Mars
2010 - Touring Mars
2011 - LewyOs
2012 - prisonermonkeys & Touring Mars
2013 - no contest
2014 - Touring Mars
2015 - GTP_Ingram
2016 - Touring Mars
2017 - GTP_Ingram
2018 - Jimlaad43
2019 - Touring Mars
2020 - Jimlaad43

Previous Results and Captions

Please see the F1 Caption Game Archive Thread...
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Round One - BAHRAIN

01 BAH.jpg

Entries by Sunday 4th April 1000 BST - please mark your final entry appropriately, and remember that you cannot change it once it has been marked.

Please read the full UPDATED rules available here before entering.

A reminder for everyone who enters a caption, please remember to vote or you won't receive any points for your caption that round.​

Engineer: Seb, please don't s️️pin in front of the cameras or you won't get a point.
Seb: No, when I point, I make the cameras s️️pin.
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"So this is where I'll hit Ocon so hard he goes on his right side, like this."
Seb: What do those yellow flags mean?
Engineer: You're supposed to slow and prepare to stop if needed, you did slow down right?
Seb: ...
Seb: So a hundred says the Russian boy will get his foot in way too deep around here, and then just vector himself off in vaguely that direction. Can you check the odds on that?
Round ONE Results - Bahrain
1: @DPereira_2909 - 11 votes (25 pts)
2=: @Liquid @MaxAttack - 5 votes (16 pts)
4=: @ro_har_ @XJ40 - 4 votes (11 pts)
6=: @Jimlaad43 @Flex0r - 2 votes (7 pts)
8=: @Famine @Touring Mars @SVT Cobra GT - 1 vote (2 pts)

Engineer: So Seb, this is T1, be careful in this one or we won't pick up any points.

Seb: Oh, don't worry, I'll definetly rack up some points here

(* denotes round win)

1: DPereira_2909 - 25*

2=: Liquid, MaxAttack - 16
4=: ro_har_, XJ40 - 11 pts
6=: Jimlaad43, Flex0r - 7
8=: Famine, Touring Mars, SVT Cobra GT - 2


Entries by Monday 26th April 1000 BST - please mark your final entry appropriately, and remember that you cannot change it once it has been marked.

Please read the full UPDATED rules available here before entering.

A reminder for everyone who enters a caption, please remember to vote or you won't receive any points for your caption that round.​
Stroll to Ocon: "Can you believe he actually said he trusted PD about a 2021 release date?"
The FIA is launching a full investigation into emerging news of a bullying clique in the paddock, believed to be either two high school age girls or Ocon and Stroll.
Needless to say, both drivers were highly amused to see that someone at Mclaren actually did attempt to bring back the "Size Zero" packaging.
The moment Daniel Ricciardo spots that McLaren's new sponsor is Tena for Men.