F1 Halo is Annoying for me when I’m driving from cockpit

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Annoying for me when I’m driving from cockpit, but I bet Romain Grosjean is happy to have one today.

I have not seen an open wheel race car explode in flames like that in a few years.

I see IndyCar has a different version of this and it’s better for protection and easier to see through.
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Not sure if you know, but in-game you can remove the center column from cockpit view.

Found it, now if I could figure out how to go to any track I want to CREATE a tune for that track without having to cycle thru them in order in career mode.

I cant add tunes to a time trial.
Or can I ...wait...I wish I knew where I could get directions on this game that are basic like how to do a rewind when you wreck, and wind back further, etc.

So I am able to do a tune at time trial but I am not tuning my career car but a F1 car, etc. DOES IT MATTER that most of my tunes I saved are my career car tunes? I created the tune while in Career, not knowing I could do it in time trial.
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