FairladyZ's simple liveries

De Panne
Hello GTPlanet,

Since GTSport's release, i've been playing around with the livery editor, making simple liveries, learning new tips and tricks with each new liveries. Here, i'll share the ones i've actually finished (That doesn't happen often :boggled:), so feel free to check them out!

F-150 US Border Patrol


Tags: #Border #Patrol #USA
Link: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gts...arLivery/livery/1047870/1/6206546403751100952

Audi R8 LMS '15 IMSA Audi 90 GTO throwback:


My best livery so far, played around a lot to get the correct color and best placement possible for all decals and so on.
Tags: #IMSA #Audi90gto #throwback
link: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gts...arLivery/livery/1047870/1/8359249362363090448

XJ220 Replica from GT4 (Jaguar F-Type GT3)


A simple replica, will get update one of these days with the correct sponsor logos since i actually have them.
Tags: #GT4 #XJ220LM #jaguar
Link: https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gts...arLivery/livery/1047870/1/8430809971315179536

Also, feel free to check my profile for other liveries (incase i forget to post them :lol:) or a few decals :D

Enjoy! :gtpflag: