Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 Wheel in GT7

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Stevenage - UK
I've recently taken delivery of the Fanatec BMW M4 GT3 wheel - which is absolutely a beauty!
Couple of issues...
Not possible to adjust TC in game on wheel.
Rotary central switches are not supported in game.

Does anyone know if there is a way to either customise the buttons or get a message to P.D. to see if they can add the support for that wheel?
They won't add support. You could remap the MFD to the d-pad, but unfortunately that doesn't look very user friendly seeing as the BMW badge is the d-pad. Other option is to assign the MFD controls to buttons, 3 minimum to cycle the hud and change the settings.
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Unfortunately, no, PD doesn’t support MPS on any Fanatec wheel. Not sure why, maybe something to do pulse/encode/constant modes.

For the GT4 rim, to my surprise, found that PD hardcoded the two GSB buttons around the back of the grips, to adjust the MFD left and right. I then map functions to the mirrored buttons around front to adjust MFD up and down.

Easy to hold the wheel, and go up/down/left/right with your index and thumbs without ever adjusting your grip!

(I use the DD1, it may be possible there are different bindings for the DD Pro, where this doesn’t work. I believe PD defines there bindings per base, and not wheel specific).
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