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Since I recently purchased these pedals and surprisingly couldn't find a dedicated thread for them I thought I would create one, and at the same time provide some info that may have gone a bit under the radar, especially for those who are looking to buy these pedals now.
In this OP I'm mostly going to cover a few things that haven't been much talked about before.
For further details ask/discuss in this thread :) or see reviews from others around the web.

The default brake stiffness is a bit too soft (for most people I would assume), even if you can adjust the preload screw to change it and the throw. So I would definitely purchase the Brake Performance Kit as well. It's really a must-have in my book. More on that further down.

Adjusting the throw of the gas pedal

There is an undocumented feature on the V3 pedals; you can adjust the throw of the throttle/gas pedal (as seen in the video from Barry at Sim Racing Garage). It was a little long for my taste, so I shortened it a bit. The procedure is explained in the video from Barry and is very easy and fast to do. He didn't do it in the proper order so you'll have to skip a bit in the video:

Skip to 21:45 in Barry's video below.
21:45 to 24:44 - Here are the instructions for taking out the gas pedal spring (you'll have to do this to be able to shorten the throw). After this skip to 43:25.
43:25 to 44:15 - Here are the instructions for shortening the throw. Note! For the shortest possible throw turn the rod counter-clockwise until it falls out, then screw it in just a couple of turns until it sits in the threads again. After this skip back to 24:44
24:44 to 28:24 - Here are the instructions for inserting the spring again. Use the red for a soft feel or the black for a stiffer feel. Barry inserts the black in the video, but it's entirely up to you. I inserted the black also, because it's stiffer and gave a bit more tactile feel for me.

Barry's video

Brake Performance Kit (BPK) -optional accessory sold separately

Important! Fanatec has made a "silent upgrade" to this kit. They have included a small tool that makes it a lot easier to install it. I'm guessing they did this because they probably got a lot of RMAs because of torn rumble motor cables (Boosted Media described the issue in one of his videos).

I'm guessing this new kit was released just recently, since Fanatec just recently (November 30, 2019) posted a video of the installation procedure. I would highly recommend following that video (below) for installation; don't follow BPK reviews around the net, because they don't use the installation tool provided in the new kit.
This new video is very quick and easy to follow. It took me only about 10-15 minutes to do the whole procedure. Very easy!

New installation video

I took a picture of the new kit and compared it to the old version, see below. The new tool is called Fix-I (weird name).
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