Fanatec ClubSport shifter clutch/h-pattern in GT Sport

Hello everyone, my ClubSport shifter arrived and I am not able to use either the clutch or the h-pattern shifter.

I have it connected to the Fanatec csl elite base, calibrated properly, I can see the changes in the wheel display. Sequential shifting also works.

I have tried changing into full manual mode in the car settings for cars that definitely have manual transmissions - like the Supra and the skyline, but had no luck.

I also can’t find anywhere any kind of indication that the clutch works.

On pc and Assetto Corsa everything seems to be working properly so the shifter is connected and calibrated properly.

Any ideas?
Hello, just for people that end up here, yesterday everything seemed to be working fine. What I did differently this time, was that I used the CSL Elite base as the only controller - other times I used to turn the ps4 on with the DS controller and then switch to the wheel as a 2nd controller.

This time, I just turned the PS4 on with its button and hit the PS button on the wheel base. Everything now works 'as it should' - clutch and H-pattern.