Fanatec CSL Steering Wheel P1 Magnetic Paddle Shift Mod

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The power required to shift is larger than the before but not with much.(with a more powerful magnet may increase)
This is the magnet I used:
(The magnets are attached with Loctite to the back of the steering wheel)


Neodymium magnet cube 40x10x5 N 80 ° C, VMM9-N48
  • Length A 40 mm
  • on magnetic surface B 10 mm
  • Height C 5 mm
  • Thermal resistance 80 ° C
  • Separation force (H) 99 N
  • Separation force (kg) 9.9 kg
  • Magnetic Properties VMM9-N48
  • Weight 15 g
These bolts are M4X14
The original holes for the bolts in the plastic are 3mm and should be enlarge to 4.5mm.
The original holes for the bolts in the paddle shifter are 3mm and should be enlarge to 4mm.(the metal of the shifter is very hard to drill)


These nuts stand here without modification:


This holes are 9mm and the head of the bolts are set to touch the magnet very slightly without lifting it:


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Woah! How did I not see this. It seems like an easy enough mod even with out a bench Vice to hold the paddles for drilling. Saved to my favorites.

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Point made. The last time I tried drilling a metal part without something sturdy to hold it down, didn't go so well. I have a couple of C clamps and some extra wood planks I can use for backing. Cutting/Drilling oil is cheap.
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I made washers that fit exactly on the bolt head which increases the diameter by two millimeters. The power required to shift is now strong enough even for me.🙂

Ah-ha, cool! 😁 Sometimes I wonder if the magnets on my T300 would be better just very slightly weaker, but then I remember from all the tests I did that anything weaker just wouldn't be positive enough - so they must be 'just right' already 🙂