Fanatec DirectDrive1 F1 Compatibility Playstation4..?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jerr, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Jerr


    Hello guys and name is Mr.J..
    First of all..sorry for the possible spelling mistakes..because english is not my native language..
    I've been a member of this community since March 2018..and enjoyed reading most of the topics posted here..
    So..this is my first actual post here..and i have a question..
    I've been Sim racing for about 12 years..mostly Gran Turismo..and to be honest..i consider myself an average driver..
    For my current setup i'm using a T300 RS..F1 steering wheel..T3PA Pro pedals..
    with a Ricmotech loadcell brake..and TH8 shifter..all mounted on a Playseat Evolution..
    I have not played the game for a quite some months now..for several reasons..wich are of no importance to/in this thread..
    That being said..i do have that itch to go racing again soon.. But before i do..i would like to get another setup..
    I'm thinking of buying the Fanatec DirectDrive1 with the F1 steering wheel and the Clubsport V3 pedals..etcetc..
    And i know..this directdrive system would tear my Playseat Evolution i'm also getting a Sim-Lab GT1 Evo cockpit..
    But..i'm reading a lot of mixed messages about the compatibility (or lack of it so you want)..with the Playstation4 console..
    So my question there someone here in this community..using the/this Fanatec DD1 setup with the Playstation4..??
    If so..i would really like to know about your experiences regarding compatibility and driveability..with the Playstation4..
    Thank you in advance safe..but fast..! ;)

  2. DomB_Fanatec


    Hi Mr J,

    To clarify, the Podium Series direct drive product range consists of three models:

    Podium Wheel Base DD1 (20Nm)
    Podium Wheel Base DD2 (25Nm)
    Podium Racing Wheel F1® (20Nm)

    All three versions are PC compatible, and all three versions can be made compatible with Xbox One when used with an Xbox One-licensed steering wheel. The Podium Racing Wheel F1® is the only version that is compatible with PS4.
  3. Jerr



    Thank you for the quick reply..!
    Yes..the Podium Racing Wheel the one i would like to purchase.. be absolutely clear..i will have no issues..connecting it to my Playstation4..
    and playing GranTurismoSport with it..?
  4. DomB_Fanatec


    That's absolutely right, you should find a number of GTPlanet members who play GT Sport with this hardware. By connecting devices like Fanatec pedals, shifter, and handbrake directly to the wheel base, everything is seen by the PS4 through a single USB connection.

    We also have some suggested baseline settings for this hardware at the top of this section of our forum:

    Couple of things to note: the GT Sport menu doesn't display a specific controller layout for the Podium Racing Wheel F1 (it shows an image of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel instead), but it is correctly supported. H-pattern shifting, sequential shifting, clutch, handbrake are all supported (by the appropriate cars) in GT Sport. However, some of the advanced features of the F1 steering wheel are not supported by this game, such as the rotary encoders.
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  5. Jerr


    Mr.DomB..once again..thank you so much for the quick reply and additional info..!
    That's all i needed to hear..well this case.. ;)
    Now all that's left for me to to order it..!
    Very much looking forward to racing with it..!

    With kind regards..Mr.J..