Fanatec SQ shifter not calibrating/working - need help

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    Got the Limited Edition Fanatec SQ Shifter for Xmas. Unit arrived and I could not calibrate it using the Fanatec Driver Software or the Wheel. Tried a different cable, nothing. After a few emails I got a RMA and sent it back. Received the new/refurbished/fixed unit and the same problem.

    my set up is: Clubsport Wheel Base 2.5 with the V3 pedals.
    PC Driver: 356
    wheel base firmware: 669
    Wheel base motor firmware: 22
    Steering wheel firmware: 28

    Calibration done through the wheels (P1 and F v2) and using the Fanatec Driver Software. Followed the videos on Fanatec Website. Pushed down to get reverse and 7th gear.

    After finishing the calibration process one of two things may happen:
    1- gear number 5 keeps flashing in the steering wheel. On the fanatec driver software a red light blinks on the gear 5 position
    2- no gear is detected when checking if it works on the fanatec driver software, or any sim for that matter.

    Troubleshooting o far:
    1- Tried update all PC drivers (including latest beta),
    2 - flashed the CSW wheel base firmware, updated the V2 and P1 wheels firmware,
    3 - tried a different RJ12 cable,
    4- tried on the Shifter 2 port as well just in case

    Am I missing anything? Have anyone had similar problem?
    I am trying to find someone in my town with a Fanatec Wheel Base to see if it would work (maybe my CSW port is broken)

    Any help much appreciated,


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    UNIT IS WORKING. It turns out that both the long and short cable sent with the unit were defective. The RJ12 I had at home that I also used to test was in fact a RJ11 and obviously did not work. Bought a cable tester to figure that out and eventually bought a new cable.

    Fanatec Support contacted me suggesting to test different cable and even offer to ship a new one to me (it seems that the problem with the first unit was also the cable). I wonder if there was a bad batch of cables.

    Despite the initial frustration (specially when you have to connect cables at the back of the CSW 2.5), I am very happy with the shifter!

    Thx Raf
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