Fanatec to Logitech Pro wheel + pedal GT7 user thoughts?

United States
United States
So im currently running a Fanatec F1 ps4 DD1 w/ Clubsport V3 inverted pedals. I also have the GTDDpro with v1 LC pedals for a portable GT7 rig… I’m looking at possibly trading the GTDDpro for a Logitech Pro wheel w/ pedal setup. I’m very interested in the integrity of the FFB with trueforce in GT7 specifically.

Obviously i would like to see a more varied ecosystem for Logitech… like a LC handbrake, H pattern shifter, sequential shifter, better pedals, and more wheels… But only time will tell…

I‘m happy with the DD1, but with newer DD tech since the design and release of the DD1… i want to know thoughts and or comparison with old DD1, GTDDpro users that made the switch to the new Logitech wheel.

as much as i like PC sim racing… i play primarily GT7…. I don’t want to invest in iRacing, but that seems to be the only other platform to have really good ranked drop in multiplayer racing. Well see if Rennsport changes that… not to mention Rennsport mentioned console compatibility.