Fanatec V3 of Elite doubt

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I purchased the Fanatec V3 pedals, but I have a little doubt about them. I also got the brake performance kit, and I know almost everyone likes them, but I'm quite casual in the sim racing thing, and I found them, even on the lightest combo (12 red + 13 red) quite a bit too stiff.. I also like a bit of travel, and here is almost "none".

My question is: does anyone know of the CSL Elite LC brake pedal on the lightest setting is a bit less stiff than the V3 (red/red)?

The standard configruation of the V3 is some sort of a sponge, I don't like that either.

To be honest, I liked the standard brake pedal of the 2-pedal Elite set the best so far...

So anyone has experience with both maybe and can say if the Elite LC is a bit less stiff or the same as the V3 with red/red combo?
Hi Gaudiops, the combination of the preload screw adjustment and the load cell sensitivity adjustment should allow you to find a setting that feels 'right' to your tastes. For example you could have a short throw (with the preload at its tightest or using the BPK) that requires very little pedal force (with the load cell sensitivity at a low value), or you could have a long throw (without the preload at its most extended) that requires a lot of pedal force (with the load cell sensitivity at a high value).
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Dom has a good suggestion. Personally, I felt similar to that when I first used my CSL Elites, then realized I can update the brake force on the wheel base. I settled at 50 percent, and it was almost perfect. If you have a Fanatec wheel base, you should be able to tune it, and the pedal preload, to suit your style.