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Greetings folks. Totally Disorganised Racing has a format up its sleeve...

Cars... GT4 Porsche, Gt4 Corvette, Gr4 BMW, Gr4 Ford (Mad-as-a-box-of-frogs), RdC NSX, RdC Aston, TC BMW.

Each driver is allocated a car by selection from names-in-hat method.

Ten minutes practice, approximately ten minute race.

Drivers rotate cars in set order, i.e. from Gt4 Porsche, to Gr4 BMW, then RdC NSX, etc.

Ten minutes practice, etc etc...

Spa all night.
Interesting. The only thing I'd say is that it's a awful lot of practicing. 10 minutes will expand to about 15 minutes around a long track like Spa.

Oh and the road cars will start on cold tyres, the race cars will be warm. But that adds to the challenge I suppose.
Good points Paul. We can make it five minutes practice, which should allow everyone three laps.

Oh, and one other thing, I forgot to mention the scoring system: One point for every whole second you finish ahead of the person who finishes in last place. So, even if a driver does find himself stone last, he's still actively racing, and it's important to finish as soon as possible.
What points does the last driver get?
I fear the final driver across the line gets nothing but the chance to minimise the hauls of those who finish ahead. Perhaps also (hopefully) a car more to his liking in the next race Half.

On that subject, it was my intention to select cars of quite widely varying abilities regarding lap times. It transpired during testing that this group actually produced lap times which surprised me in their closeness. However, the manner in which they deliver those lap times does vary considerably, and I am fascinated to see how people adapt to their differing natures.
On the subject of "fancy this"
Instead of having to come up with new ideas at some point I'm thinking of regurgitating a few of my older series which were quite popular at the time. There's 3 that Mario, raeggee and Zolon didn't take part in, so it'd be all new to them.

The Renault Sport series

The Ferrari Challenge.

And sometime maybe

Take a look and see what you think. They might be modified slightly, disorganised perhaps, so don't take the info as read.

Sounds good Im in👍
Hey Beachboy! Nice to "see you" again, 4 years since your last post on here. Don't want to rush things, see you again in 2028. 😉 😀
This is all on xbox right?
Hi Mr D. Fortunately (from looking at your signature) it's on PlayStation*. So you'd be most welcome if you wanted to join in the disorganised fun.🙂

*Zolon always forgets to select that option for the threads.
Ok cool. In that case I might be able to join. IF I'm allowed to join this select group of undoubtedly ELITE drivers.
Sounds good Im in👍
Good, 'cos your name was in the hat :)
Good, cause I would've no business here otherwise XD
Greetings Mr D; you are most welcome. I think you'll need to send me a friends request, and I, in turn, will send you an invite when we're gathering... which is at 8:00pm GMT on a Monday.

Well folks, I've delved around in the hat, and have produced the following list of drivers/cars. Despite the fact that this is totally disorganised racing, the first car against your name is the one you take for the first race, and the second is.... well... you know....

The cars are from the categories, Road C, TC, GT4 and Group A

@Hun200kmh 1/NSX RdC 2/BMW TC 3/Corvette GT4 4/Ford GrA 5/Aston RdC 6/Porsche GT4 7/BMW GrA

Reaggee (Please pass it on Mario) 1/BMW TC 2/ Corvette GT4 3/Ford GrA 4/Aston RdC 5/Porsche GT4 6/BMW GrA 7/NSX RdC

RICH (@??!) 1/Corvette GT4 2/Ford GrA 3/Aston RdC 4/Porsche GT4 5/BMW GrA 6/NSX RdC 7/BMW TC

@IfAndOr 1/Ford GrA 2/Aston RdC 3/Porsche GT4 4/BMW GrA 5/NSX RdC 6/BMW TC 7/Corvette GT4

@Oldbass47 1/Aston RdC 2/Porsche GT4 3/BMW GrA 4/NSX RdC 5/BMW TC 6/Corvette GT4 7/Ford GrA

@half_sourly 1/Porsche GT4 2/BMW GrA 3/NSX RdC 4/BMW TC 5/Corvette GT4 6/Ford GrA 7/Aston RdC

@Mr_D 1/BMW GrA 2/Porsche GT4 3/Aston RdC 4/Ford GrA 5/Corvette GT4 6/BMW TC 7/NSX RdC

@beachboy6658 1/BMW GrA 2/NSX RdC 3/BMW TC 4/Corvette GT4 5/Ford GrA 6/Aston RdC 7/Porsche GT4

Zo 1/Porsche GT4 2/Aston RdC 3/Ford GrA 4/Corvette GT4 5/BMW TC 6/NSX RdC 7/BMW GrA

You can put me down for any of your suggestions Paul. Looking forward to them.
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Results from round 1 (subject to me understanding the scoring system correctly)



Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5
Cheers guys. It was fun. Certainly a experience ;)
For a disorganized group it all went suprisingly smooth! A lot of actual racing going on :)
I hope it's just the cars we haven't uesd yet @Oldbass47 still got two maybe three to go then we can really see how the score looks !

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