Farewell GT5 (last) Drift Session

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    Hi there!
    I´m planning to open a drift room tonight @ 18:00 GMT time. It´s the last evening before GT6 realises World wide and goes online, a good opportunity to say goodbye GT5 and have a last Drift Session in the game. I will hope peoble are up for this, and pray they can walk in bigger shoes just for the night (Keep their differences and discussion's for another time) It is in everybody´s interrest to go out in a good maner! Don´t forget to bring your A-Game and let´s get them big angles, fast drift runs, tandems - All in a good spirit with a good mood.

    [Edit] Room UP: "Last Drift Sess 4 GT5" - Room Number, 1472-4710-9909-6402-3305

    Lobby Will have following restrictions:
    CH Tires
    No FF or 4WD
    No boost - weak slipstream
    Grip set to Real
    Stupid AIDS off - ABS is allowed.

    [Edit 2] That was the last GT5 Drift session for me, thanks for showing up. See you all in the new game!
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