PC Fatal error trying to load time trial

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    I just put PCars on a new PC I have put together for the new games this fall.
    Am getting an error when I try to enter a time trial.
    Error message is
    File: Source\Code\Memory\BMemPoolAlloc.cpp
    Line: 243
    Func: MWL::Base::BMemPool::_Alloc
    Unable to allocate 1421367088 bytes of memory from pool(system)

    System info
    Windows 10x64 Pro with latest updates
    ASRocks X370 Gaming X mb
    AMD Ryzen 1600, 16gb ddr4, GeForce 1050TI 4gb ram, Samsung 960 evo M2 Ultra SSD

    Task manager shows over 13gb ram available

    Any ideas what could be going on here?

    Edit: The error occurred when I tried to run time trial on Willow Spring in the G40jr
    I switched to a different car and was able to drive a few laps without issue. switched back to the G40 and got the error again.

    I thought maybe the file was corrupt but when I validated it through steam did not seem to change anything.
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