Favorite GT7 Interiors/Inst. Panels w/ pics please

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I spent the morning looking at my garage (just hit 200 cars today). :)

Anyways I was wondering if you had a favorite car interior, especially the instrument panel in your garage. I know it depends on personal taste so I'm interested in other opinions.

Mine so far is from the McLaren MP4-12C. I like the minimal feel. Also like the light brown accents. I'm not a fan of the more modern virtual HUDs. Or too many buttons.

Gran Turismo® 7_20220701102522.jpg

Gran Turismo® 7_20220701102531.jpg
I really prefer analog tachs to digital ones. Some of my favorites are the Porsche 911 GT1, Sauber C9 & Nissan R92 (really love the boost gauge too) and the Zonda R as it has both.

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(will post pic/video soon)
In the Plymouth Superbird, when you are on track and you are driving from cockpit view, the interior of this specific car they scanned has an automatic transmission with the column shift lever, and as you drive (with manual shifting) your driver in car will NOT touch that shift stalk on the steering column! you can see this easier in replays of this...