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Wichita, KS
What are your favorite streaming music services and why?

I have used several in the last ten years of so. However would now say that premium membership with Spotify is the best and my favorite. The reason I say this is for the wide range and good selection of music. Sure there are some of my favorite artist that are not covered very much or not at all. However the other choices makes up for this. The ability to make user play list is good, but not great. I would also like to rate the songs with start or ten point rating and other tools to auto create playlist. Having to only use the Spotify player is also kind of a bummer. Turning you play list into a radio station where it selects similar songs is also not that great when using large playlist. Really like my master playlist 4,500 songs at the moment and usually play on random. However would like tools to adjust settings like play 50% of songs that listen to most often, 25% not played in last month and maybe 25% random songs similar to overall playlist that have not been added to my entire saved song collection, which by the way not sure if there is a way to tell how many songs are in that playlist. The monthly price is also nice. I stream music 95% and do not really buy albums.


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I prefer Spotify Premium as well.
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Spotify Premium easy. I liked the playlists in Apple Music more when I had the 3 month trial, but the app was horribly designed. Spotify on the other hand has a great app and most everything I need is on there. Even has some things that weren't on Apple Music for whatever reason.