Favourite Supercar/Super Grand Tourer/Hypercar Thread

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What is your Favourite Super Grand Tourer/Supercar/Hypercar Brand?

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Supercars have always been a strong part of my enthusiasm within the automotive world. When I was just two years of age, my first experience with cars came in the form of a Hot wheels toy modelled after a Lamborghini Diablo, and in the early 2000's, gaming formally introduced me to the world of cars through NFS Hot Pursuit 2. Naturally, the yellow Murcielago cover car was my dream car of the time, and during my early years of schooling, I submitted many reports on the history of Lamborghini as a company.

But as times change, so do one's tastes. Come the rebirth of the NFS Hot Pursuit franchise in 2010, a different car captures my eye, the McLaren MP4-12C. And so McLaren took Lamborghini's place as my favoured supercar brand, solidified by the eventual release of even more brilliant cars like the 650S, P1, 675LT, P1 GTR, and 570S, along with my newfound appreciation of the famous McLaren F1. For almost a decade McLaren was my number one brand, a black MP4 Spider being my poster dream car of choice, and ART Grand Prix McLaren being one of my two favourite GT3 teams next to Audi Sport Team WRT.

But it was not to last; come 2019 and again my tastes have changed. As of late, McLaren has been producing cars that really aren't doing anything for me. The 720S, Senna, GT, and Speedtail, though technically superior to former products, just aren't resonating with me at all. They look clinical, uninspired, ugly even. Former McLaren cars always did put function before form, but they still had a presence to them. Now, not so much. Now they look more like late stage concepts than proper production supercars and super grand tourers. Even the gaming world's behemoth of an arcade racing game, Forza Horizon 4, couldn't get me remotely excited for the Senna.

So where to next? I still adore Lamborghini, but I also have a bit of a disconnect with their recent products, specifically the Aventador, which I cannot bring myself to like. I loved the Diablo, Murcielago, Reventon, even the Huracan, but the Aventador? Nothing. And the thing is... I can't even explain why; I just don't care for it for reasons beyond me. Its baffled me for years.
So Lamborghini's out. Then there's Porsche, who's racing history is next to none, and has produced some truly admirable and drop-dead gorgeous machines (917K, Carrera GT, 908L, 928 GTS, etc). But again, their current catalogue of road cars is not for me. Ferrari is a similar case; great history, great lineup of older road/race cars, but a real discombobulated lineup of current vehicles with the odd exception here and there.
So I had to think. Which brand has never created a single car that I've looked upon with disgust nor uncertainty? That has had an impactful history with myself, albeit on the sidelines of my former Lamborghini/McLaren obsessions. And that still makes wonderful cars today that take both form and function into equal consideration.

And then it hit me, Aston Martin. A brand that is known for beautiful luxury grand tourers, that has a decent racing resume, triggers my patriotism to my historical homeland of Britain, and to date, still make gorgeous cars like the DB11, DBS Superleggera, Vulcan, and Vanquish. They don't strive to build the flashiest nor fastest cars out there, just timeless luxury designs that boast just enough performance to make the competition sweat. And I love it. The DBS Superleggera is now my current poster dream car, and unlike the Murcielago and MP4-12C, I've actually had the opportunity to physically see one in real life at the 2019 Vancouver Auto Show.
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So yeah, that sums up my history with supercars, and what is currently my favourite Supercar brand. Anyone care to share theirs?

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I'm going to have to agree with @JoshMead and go with Aston Martin. I'm fortunate enough to see plenty of nice expensive cars fairly regularly. Tesla's, McLarens, Ferrari's, Porsches etc. Not Bugatti's, but they're on another level. The cars that most consistently turn my head (for the right reasons) are Aston Martins. I adore them, they look beautiful, they are fast enough and they are timeless in design.

There's an Aston Martin dealer a 20 minute drive away from me in Wilmslow and I can't help but gawp every time I go past, the Cygnets don't do it for me, I'll have to be honest, so it isn't every Aston Martin. But generally, they just couldn't look much better, it's my dream car, which may surprise some people given my obvious love for TVR. However, I could drive an Aston every day, a TVR would probably be a weekend car, or be getting fixed in the garage. I'd love a TVR, but if was given the choice to have just one of either an Aston or a TVR, I would pick an Aston.

I've only seen a Bugatti Veyron once, never sen a Chiron, it was great to see yet also a lot smaller than I expected it to be. But I think that as impressive a feat of engineering that the Veyron was, it's so unobtainable it kind of doesn't hit my radar. Just an oil change apparently costs $20k USD, that's unreal money. One day I may be able to own an Aston Martin, I can see that as a realistic possability, whether I do or not is a different matter. In life you have to decide how to spend or invest money sensibly (i.e. the wife will tell me how we're spending the money :lol:), so I don't know that I every would spend that much on a car but I see it as a possability and that makes a difference in my view.

When it comes to true supercars, nostalgia is the king for me. All these current crop that can hit 60 n less than 3 seconds don't grab me like the ones from my youth and teens do. I would be in awe if I ever saw a 911 GT1 or CLK GTR, seeing a McLaren F1 is much more of an event to me than seeing the latest Ferrari hypercar or a McLaren P1. Even the Aston Martin Valkyrie doesn't really get me excited, and that could be due to the unobtainability of it, though a McLaren F1 is pretty unobtainable also. I think character is very important but maybe in 20 years time people will be saying the same thing about the La Ferrari in comparison to whatever 0-60 in 1 second hypercar+ machines are about then.
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Aston Martin for me as well. This bad boy will always be one of my top 2 cars ever.

15yo in 1986, I didn't have Lamborghinis or Ferraris on my wall. I had this.
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Bugatti EB110 is definitely one of my favorites. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but it arguably was the most ahead-of-it's time supercar ever.

The Jaguar XJ220, XJR-15, Cizeta V16T, BMW Nazca C2, and Nissan R390 GT1 are some honorable mentions.

All of the aforementioned cars are of the same era, the '90s. In my opinion, the 90s was truly the pinnacle of the supercar; there was a diverse, exciting array of supercars that were not only lightning fast, buy mesmerizing to look at; they were daring, but not too aggressive or ostentatious. Today's supercars simply don't excite me as much, despite them being much faster. Only in the 1990s would an automaker be daring enough to actually create an F1 minivan!

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My favourite brand is Jaguar. Because The Jaguar XF has 1 Diesel Engine and 1 Petrol Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 1999 cc while the Petrol engine is 1997 cc. It is available with the Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the XF has a mileage of 10.8 to 19.33 kmpl. Jaguar cars price starts at Rs. 40.61 lakh for the cheapest car XE and goes up to Rs. 2.80 crore for the top model Jaguar F-TYPE. Jaguar offers 5 new car models in India. XJ (Rs. 1.11 crore), F-PACE (Rs. 64.23 lakh) and XF (Rs. 49.78 lakh) are among the popular cars from Jaguar. In the year 2019/2020, Jaguar is going to launch 3 new models in India. KTM Bikes Price List in India
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McLaren F1 remains the ultimate halo car for me.

Because central driving position + room for two supermodels. Because Le Mans. Because Rowan Atkinson. Because nothing - nothing! - in the supercar world has ever stood at the top of the mountain for as long as that mythical machine did.

The GT title goes to the Bentley Conti, because nothing else that quick is so ostentatiously luxurious, and thats what GT is to me.

However I find it amazing how Rolls Royce are forgotten by many of us dreamers...

But, let's face it, the Lancia Delta Integrale HF is the superior option to either, because six world rally titles.

I try not to follow one brand, though I'll always have an interest in the super-specialised manufacturers like McLaren, but I'd like to believe I'd find an amazing car amazing regardless of the badge.

We've already had some TVR love up above, so let me give a shout out to Ultima, who are complete nutters who really should stop being given access to Chevy V8s.



If I were in the market for a completely impractical track-only weapon with something of a sleeper edge to it, they'd be my bet, the bloody nutters.