Open FCL 8-Hour Race (Looking for drivers to compete only 1-4 Hours)

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    Hello, my friends and I are doing an eight hour race tomorrow at 10:00 Eastern Time PM.
    We already have a 'main' car, but we are looking for people who cannot compete the full length to run in a secondary car.
    The secondary car is a, Toyota 86 "Racing" '13. It's $28,000 in GT6 Credits. (It's pictured)
    The winner of this division will receive a $10 PSN Card.
    Now, you MAY stay the full 8 hours if you feel like it, but the other members will be in much faster cars.
    Most of us use mics, and we are going to talk a decent amount since it is such a long event.
    If you want to race, comment below your PSN, and add on PSN Joey20Rocks, and a95tornadoes (Myself).
    No Nitro is allowed.
    The track is Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit.

    If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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    The race is tonight (If you're in EDT or ahead.)