Ferrari F10 '10 Set-up Needed

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by Silent7Sniper7, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Silent7Sniper7

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    I know there's setups on here already & i've tried a lot of them out but none seem to help.

    Here's the problem: On the straight's at high speed the entire back end shakes like mad & it sometimes spins at the slightest movement, secondly is the cornering, i've seen over's go round corners at 70 - 80 Mph & when I try it I spin out.

    Thank You for your time & help :)

    P.S. if this thread gets closed please PM me.
  2. dr_slump

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    -positive rear toe
    -increase the ride height
  3. Sn1per666

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    You can't increase the ride height on the Ferrari F1's.

    Increasing rear toe and lowering the front downforce will help with the oversteer. The car is going to shake at high speeds. As far as I know there is no fixing that.
  4. dr_slump

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    Didn't know that.
  5. Cauchy

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    Are you using a wheel of controller?
    If using a wheel, I would recommend unplugging the power from it.

    You need to be a little more specific about what is going on. Is the unstable on straights due to bumps? Or, is it just straight line instability under hard acceleration?

    If it is due to bumps then:
    The car may have too much front toe out.
    Uneven dampeners.
    Front roll bar too stiff.

    If it is simply under hard acceleration and not due to bumps then:
    LSD setting may need to be increased.
    Or not enough rear toe out.

    I think the F10 has a glitch that causes it to bottom out, I have not really found a way to fix this.
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  6. Silent7Sniper7

    United Kingdom Peterborough

    Ok thanks for the advice everyone :)

    @ Cauchy, i have a wheel & use it sometimes & i don't have the cornering problems with it, but with DS3 its useless.
    As for the shaking, at 175-180 mph the entire vehicle just shakes no matter what track & if i get hit or go onto the curb etc i spin but ive been looking around & lots of people have been having the similar problem.

    I'll get back to you all on how i get on,