FF in the Forest

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  1. bondy_1625


    league: ameteur
    single/series race: single
    championship: FF challenge
    track: deep forest
    no. of laps: 5
    car: fiat coupe turbo plus
    start power: 282hp

    placement at start:
    1st - civic vti
    2nd - FTO GPR
    3rd - 156 2.5 v6 24v
    4th - celica SS-II
    5th - crx 1.6vti
    6th - fiat coupe turbo plus

    car modifacations:
    full racing suspension
    sports brakes
    semi-racing muffler
    sports chip
    port polish
    stage 1 turbo
    sports intercooler
    twin clutch
    racing flywheel
    full racing transmission
    full LSD
    T2 super hard tyres
    stage 2 lightweight

    the race!
    from the start it was obvious my car was modified as it pulled through thefirst corner and into first place easilybut by the end of the lap i was trailing 1 second behind the fto due to a mishap :lol: by lap 2 i was still behing but now only half a second lay in my way. i was closely following the fto through lap 3 and my plan was to jump him on the last corner but severe understeer put me straight into the wall and caused me to fall into 3rd place and the celica took the p**s by bashing meas he went sailing past!:mad: but he wasnt going to get away that easily i had the power on the straight and i used it to pass him again and return the favour of a dented door!:D through the 2nd - 5th corners of lap 4 i drafted the fto and completely screwed up the 5th corner allowing him to pull away once again! at this time i looked at my tyre gauge and smiled as the front are into the 'green' stage of warmth. on the last corner of lap 4 the fto had undesteer problems like i did on the previous lap and went into the wall giving the celica 2nd place at this point i was 0'00.618 ahead of the celica which i thought was sufficient to carry me to an easy win. i was now getting a little cocky :lol: and i hit a rock face full on but my car kept rolling just a bit slower! i dropped to 1/10 of a second behind the celica and was yet again drafting hehehe!:mischievous: and so i took the last corner a little too early mowed the grass and ended up half a second ahead

    1st - coupe turbo plus - 7'52.408
    2nd - celica SS-II - +0'00.519
    3rd - FTO GPR - +0'00.558
    4th - Civic vti - +0'01.036
    5th - 156 2.5 v6 24v - +0'01.937
    6th - crx 1.6vti - +0'02.801

    overall times:
    1st - coupe turbo plus - 7'52.408
    2nd - celica SS-II - 7'52.927
    3rd - FTO GPR - 7'52.966
    4th - Civic vti - 7'53.444
    5th - 156 2.5 v6 24v - 7'54.345
    6th - crx 1.6vti - 7'55.209

    a nice trophy! :lol:

    end power: 282hp :D
    end mileage: 73.0km

    again only my second write up but my first one was liked by UB57 thanks dude!:tup:
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    United States
    *notes AI cheats massively in Amateur League*

    Anyway, nice writeup!;)
  3. bondy_1625


    i know exactly what you mean!
    a while ago i did a race and i saved the replay and when i looked at it in mk's program the power multiplier on all of the cars wasnt normal it wasnt set at 0.000 most of them were at 1.111 and 1 was at 0.900 so even with mods it wasnt easy to win and i think thats why the vitz league in pro is so difficult
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    in a fiat!

    I LOVE YOU! :p
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    Of course you would say that.:p
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    hehe i told u id do a fiat one!:p