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Figured I'd make a thread about this as its something I do fairly often

So I pretty regularly open lobbies and run test races of the upcoming FIA races, with absolute identical lobby settings to the races, its massively more useful than running in free practice without the Tyre wear and Fuel consumption.

If anyone wants to jump in, Im making one that is mirroring Wednesdays Red Bull race, that'll be up from the time of this post until I imagine a couple hours after.

To easily find the lobby, search all regions, Filter to Monza, Group X, Minimum Driver Rating B and Minimum Sportsmanship Rating S (these are the minimum ranks you should have if you are taking FIA seriously imo)

Any future lobbies of this sort that you guys make, or any that Im hosting we can post below and try and get these a bit more populated :cheers:
Good idea.
Want to go to the lobby?

Yeah I'm seeing these more lately (or maybe they were always popular but I didn't notice). I just search for the track and can find an FIA lobby pretty quickly too
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United States
If you want to wait about 14 hours I'd be happy to add some reality to the lobby. I'll dive bomb, t-bone and run people off track. Then, if that works, I'll block and brake check when people catch back up. Of course, after the race I'll blame everyone else and call you noobs.

Let me know, because my schedule is limited. Although, based on some video evidence, there are others providing this service as well.
Depends how long you are running it because I have BSC at that time :P
I won't be hosting one; net's too bad for that :lol:
Just gonna hop onto one in case anyone opens like the pleb I am :P
You’re quick enough as it is, see top ten leaderboard!
In my defense it takes me a good while in the time trials to be there :lol:
And man I got into a practice lobby once with Dauble Weapon... scary stuff right there :scared:
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I might set up a FIA Manufacture room later tonight for the race tomorrow. If I do, I will post the room number here.
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